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Scotts Valley
July 23, 2024

The Mountain Gardener | Oh, Deer! Part I

I thought my plants were safe from deer. Because most of my sunny spots are in front, I planted lots of colorful annuals and perennials out there. Then a couple months ago, all my snapdragon flower spikes were eaten overnight. I was stymied. I...

Letter to the Editor | Published July 5, 2024

letters to the editor
Highway 17 southbound near Mt. Hermon Road poses severe wildfire risk The Highway 17 southbound corridor approaching Mt. Hermon Road and the right turn area to Mt. Hermon Road, very near the Bay Tree Apartments in Scotts Valley, 100% fails the below Cal Fire safety...

Strictly Business | The Ultimate Trio: Fashion, Fun & Feel-Good Finds

Nestled in the heart of downtown Felton, SCM Clothing Glass & A$$ is redefining the shopping experience. It is located conveniently across from RiteAid on Highway 9. This unique store combines an extraordinary mix of themed T-shirts, custom hats, adult pleasure toys and premium...

Plain Talk About Food | Then and Now

Living just off Highway 9 in Ben Lomond, I am often caught up in lines of traffic going “nowhere” for minutes at a time. So much so, that I keep a notepad and pen in the console next to my seat, jotting down random...

The Mountain Gardener | Solutions for Gardening in the Shade

If you see a recurring theme in my columns about growing successfully in a shady garden, it’s because my last three houses have all had a lot of shade. You’d think I’d have so much experience by now that all my plants would bloom...

Finance | For the Love of Stocks

Finance stocks
“In a recent nationwide survey of working age Americans, 79% agree that the nation faces a retirement savings crisis…more than half of Americans (55%) are concerned that they cannot achieve financial security in retirement.” —Dan Doonan, Forbes Do not buy stocks because market timing feels...

TherapyWorks | The Importance of Mental Health for Men: Breaking the Silence

Mental health
Mental health is an integral aspect of overall well-being, yet it often remains overshadowed by physical health. This disparity is particularly pronounced among men, who face unique societal pressures and stigmas that can hinder their ability to seek help. The Silent Struggle Traditionally, men have been...

Fitness | Benefits of Short Workouts This Summer

There’s a huge misconception that in order to have a strong body and be in better shape, it takes hours a day every week in the gym while being on a broccoli and boiled chicken diet. That’s the farthest thing from the truth.  You just...

The Mountain Gardener | Knee High by the Fourth of July

I don’t grow corn in my small, shady garden, so I’m not sure how tall they’d be by now if I planted on May Day when the soil was 50 degrees, but that’s how the saying goes. And from what I’ve read about the...

Mayor’s Message | Calling the Question

Sometimes you just have to turn to the man for guidance, and in this case, Shakespeare states it perfectly in “Macbeth”: Double, double toil and trouble,Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.By the pricking of my thumbs,Something wicked this way comes. Macbeth did in fact fall victim to...



Santa Cruz Mountains wildfire quelled quickly

A fire that grew to a half-acre in the Santa Cruz Mountains was extinguished quickly Friday morning before it could threaten the nearby communities...