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Scotts Valley
April 12, 2024
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Plain Talk About Food | My Happy Place

Living in an ordinary house with today’s average number of rooms, I spend the greater part of the day in my kitchen.   My kitchen has a view over my long dining room table to my garden outside, which is filled with a fountain for the...

The Mountain Gardener | News You Can Use About Bees

Garden flower bee
A friend of mine lamented that she didn’t have many bees in her garden yet. I reassured her they are out and about and will soon visit her garden. She was worried that our bee population was declining dramatically. And while it is true...

Finance | Death and Taxes in the Santa Cruz Mountains

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” —Benjamin Franklin Death and taxes misshape the legacies we mold with our lives and values. As a widower, I advise survivors to honestly accept pain and meditate until it passes. Distraught...

TherapyWorks | The Link Between Sleep and Mental Health

TherapyWorks sleep
In our fast-paced world, productivity often takes precedence, meaning sleep is often undervalued. However, sleep has a huge impact on our overall well-being and maintaining both our physical and mental health. This article explores the relationship between sleep and mental health and the importance of...

The Mountain Gardener | Bees in the Garden

Garden bees
You can hear them a long way before you see them. I’m talking about the hundreds of honey bees feasting on the nectar of the Flowering Plum blossoms. I confess I don’t know a lot about keeping bees. I even had to look up...

Plain Talk About Food | Easter’s Good Witch

Food ham
“Easter is the only time when it's perfectly safe to put all of your eggs in one basket.” —Evan Esar, an American Humorist Of all the holidays we celebrate in America, 12 of these are National and five are Occasions, with Easter being my favorite Occasion....

The Mountain Gardener | Time Well Spent in the Garden

Garden plants
I’m so proud of myself. I write about all the important things to do in the early spring garden but often I don’t get to them myself. Seems there’s that book I’m reading or birding, hiking or wildflower walks that take priority. But this...

Letter to the Editor | Published March 15, 2024

letters to the editor
A special shoutout to Robert Slawinski Auctioneers If you are a Trustee and/or Executor for someone’s estate, I highly recommend Robert Slawinski Auctioneers to help with liquidating all your treasures. Rob and Theresa made what could have been a difficult time almost non stressful. It was...

Finance | The ABCs of American Taxes

Finance ABC
Some Santa Cruz Mountain residents have taxes so simple they fit on form 1040 alone—wages and pensions—and they don’t need an alphabet to complicate their taxes. The IRS divides income into three “baskets”—ordinary, capital gains and passive—and discourages offsetting losses from one basket from...

Fitness | How Stretching Can Change Your Day

Fitness stretching
How’s your stretching game? Think of how your body feels waking up each morning. Now, try bending down. Are you able to pick things up with ease? If you move around each day with a stiff body, that can all change with a few...


Scotts Valley City Council

State certifies Scotts Valley’s Housing Element on first try

During a report at the April 3 Council meeting, Scotts Valley City Manager Mali LaGoe announced the California Department of Housing and Community Development...