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May 17, 2024
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The Mountain Gardener | Garden Inspiration at the Gamble Garden Tour

Looking at your yard and thinking “This year I’m finally going to make some changes and enjoy my garden more”? Take my advice: go on a garden tour for inspiration. Even a visit to a neighbor’s beautiful garden will work to get your creative...

Strictly Business | Transformative Insights: Stephen Will Weir

Stephen Will Weir
The TEDx Santa Cruz event on April 13 showcased remarkable stories under the theme, “Rising Together.” Among the speakers, Stephen Will Weir stood out with his profound insights into the detrimental effects of fast fashion on our planet. His speech enlightened and inspired action,...

Finance | Home Insurance Crisis in the Santa Cruz Mountains

The current crisis in property insurance merely echoes the financial horrors of the CZU fires worsened by the catastrophic legal environment for rebuilding cherished homes. Leading insurers like Farmers, State Farm and USAA are cutting back on California home insurance and our area is...

Mayor’s Message | Unsung Heroes

‘Tis the season. Well, not really that one. The holiday season comes a bit later this year. But if you look around, you’ll notice this spring that organizations and people all throughout the county are being honored and celebrated for their volunteer work. The...

The Mountain Gardener | All About Fragrant Flowers

Is everything blooming now fragrant or is it just me? Does Mother Nature have a card up her sleeve to insure pollinators find nectar thereby ensuring plant propagation or is it mostly spring fever on my part? What makes flowers fragrant anyway? Fragrance in flowers...

TherapyWorks | Simple Strategies to Reduce Stress

TherapyWorks stress
Do you ever feel stressed? You are not alone. Whether it’s the pressures of work, relationships, financial worries or the constant bombardment of information from technology, stress seems to be ever-present in our lives. However, while some level of stress is normal and even beneficial...

Guest Viewpoint | My Miracle

Guest Column Viewpoint Letter
Exactly a year ago I couldn’t drink a glass or bottle of water with one hand; I was a two-handed drinker. I was unable to use my toothbrush without using both hands. I couldn’t carry a plate across the room without it bouncing up...

Plain Talk About Food | ‘I Need a Hug’

The day wasn’t turning out to be one of the “best” in my life…I had forgotten to marinate my skirt steak hours before, and the dinner I was preparing had a lack-luster appearance to it, and as my hubby Norm walked by, I cried...

The Mountain Gardener | Spring is Busting Out All Over

Every spring when the dogwoods, lilac and wisteria bloom I get excited. Not having room myself for these beauties, I visit friends’ gardens often. Seems everything is flowering now—lavender, salvia, protea, ceanothus, lily-of-the-valley shrub, bleeding hearts, coral bells, grevillea, camellia, abutilon and more. Here...

Guest Viewpoint | Serve Our County in a Hands-on Way: Join the 2024-25 Civil Grand Jury

Guest Column Viewpoint Letter
Our Santa Cruz County court will soon begin our process of interviewing and selecting our 2024-25 Civil Grand Jury, and we hope you will consider applying. Serving on the grand jury is a tremendous opportunity to support our local community and to contribute to the...


News Briefs

News Briefs | Published May 17, 2024

Brook Lomond Iris Farm hosts Sale and Show this weekend Brook Lomond Iris Farm in Ben Lomond opens its gardens to the public on May...