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September 22, 2023

LETTER: Make Federal Protection for Voting Rights a Priority

letters to the editor
Last week marked the 10th anniversary of the gutting of the Voting Rights Act by SCOTUS. The Shelby County Decision opened the floodgates to voting discrimination that targets people of color, native Americans, people in poorer areas and many more. For those of us who...

Letters to the Editor | Published June 23, 2023

letters to the editor
Police chief’s comments are hard to accept The June 9 article titled, “Scotts Valley Police Chief Says Gung-Ho Recruits Reason for Increased Arrests,” and the comments by Chief Walpole were disturbing for two reasons. First, the Chief boasted both that crime overall decreased significantly and that...

Letters to the Editor | Published June 16, 2023

letters to the editor
Boxing class helps on many levels I want to thank Drew Penner for his wonderful article (“Parkinson’s Boxing Class a Lifeline for Seniors With Disease,” June 9).  As a “Parkie,” I have been attending these classes since I was diagnosed in 2019. Let’s just say this:...

Letters to the Editor | Published June 9, 2023

letters to the editor
The hard truth Regarding Lynn McKibbin’s May 19 letter, “Dignity Health Closes Boulder Creek Clinic,” I had a prior warning of what was to come when I got the official notice from Dignity Health, and it was what I expected. I can pick out many statements...

Letters to the Editor | Published May 19, 2023

letters to the editor
Frustrated with Ferrellgas My husband and I are residents of Boulder Creek. We’ve been long-time Ferrellgas customers. Until this winter, we’d been very happy with their service. We maintained a significant positive credit balance “just in case,” and were on “automatic” tank refills.  Then something happened—Ferrellgas...

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 4

letters to the editor
Pellerin Cares About the People Dear Scotts Valley voters, Join me in supporting Gail Pellerin for State Assembly. I won’t tell you about all her fantastic work as County Clerk or how she would always stand up and fight for LGBTQ+ and reproductive rights. I...

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 28

letters to the editor
Local Water, Local Control The people of San Lorenzo Valley who want to maintain local control of our water should vote to reelect Bob Fultz to the Board of the SLV Water District. During the recent attempt to merge with the Scott’s Valley Water District,...

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 21

letters to the editor
Vote No on Measure T Regarding this publication’s story on Measure T, please don’t be fooled by empty promises by Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District. School parcel taxes can have a senior exemption, but state law makes no such provision for parcel taxes in general....

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 14

letters to the editor
Smolley is the right choice for SLVWD As environmental scientists, we are writing to support Mark Smolley for one of the open seats on the San Lorenzo Valley Water Board. Mark has extensive professional environmental protection experience that is relevant to SLV Water District projects....

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 16

letters to the editor
Kicking the Locals When They are Down  After reading “Work on Mural Starts as Target Opening Date Approaches,” I am highly disturbed by a series of decisions that Pratt Development made, which have real impacts on those of us who live in the San Lorenzo...



Scotts Valley agrees to fund quarter-million-dollar Skypark detoxification

Scotts Valley has agreed to front the money to pay for a quarter-million-dollar environmental cleanup at Skypark, which was found to contain arsenic, lead...