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October 23, 2021

My Traveling Shoes

colly gruzcelak
Taking my traveling shoes down from the top shelf of my closet, I was surprised to find almost two years of dust had collected on their shiny beaded tops. These shoes have walked me through airport, ship and train terminals for almost 10 years....

California Natives for Spectacular Containers

the mountain gardener
Adding California natives to my collection of container plants has been a goal for a long time. Besides attracting birds and wildlife to the garden they use less water than most container plants, plus they are beautiful. Gardening in containers is easy. You can control...

Scotts Valley Storytellers Speak

831 Storytellers
Who doesn't like a good story?  The brief history of storytelling takes us from primitive dance to digital narration. Human storytelling has been passed down from generation to generation before the written word. These earlier stories were more about human survival skills. However, today’s advertising...

Fragrance in the garden

jan nelson
A couple of years ago I bought a dwarf butterfly bush and planted it in a pot near my entry. It’s one of the plants that came back from the roots after the fire and it now lives on my deck but in a...

Think Local First

Last year challenged us, not just globally and nationally, but, especially, locally. We know what happened here with the businesses shutting down and stay-at-home demands. Compounded by our local fires, we witnessed firsthand how small local towns band together and support their own. I...

Remember to cast your vote

I’m a member of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District Board of Directors but I’m speaking only for myself today. I want to thank everyone for being engaged in the surcharge issue over the past weeks. I’ve seen each of the letter responses, read...

Letters to the Editor, July 30

letters to the editor
Let’s keep our water rates affordable I think the numbers and logic regarding a proposed San Lorenzo Valley Water District surcharge simply do not add up. Water rates fund operations, reserves and long-term debt. Large infrastructure projects, including those required due to fire damages, are...

The dog days of summer are here

The Mountain Gardener
They’re called the dog days of summer. You know, those sultry days with the hottest summer temperatures. The name “dog star” comes from the ancient Egyptians who called Sirius, the Dog Star, after their god, Osiris. His head in pictograms resembles that of a...

Sutter must revisit its decision

Scotts Valley Randy Johnson
When I first read that big changes were coming to Sutter Health, I initially thought that bigger and better things were in store for Scotts Valley.  I shared in our community’s collective shock, however, when I discovered that PAMF was in fact ending its...

Everyone has a right to their opinion

In his letter published in the Press Banner on July 16, Mr. Gelblum expressed an opinion, taking me to task, that board members must always practice what he terms a “fiduciary responsibility” to form a unified front to the public. In essence, telling me...



Police: Child Nearly Stolen From Grandfather’s Arms

A woman in her mid-30s is facing a felony child abduction charge after she tried to steal a toddler in Scotts Valley, authorities said. Several...