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August 11, 2022

The Making of Superheroes in Business

When you think of superheroes’ characteristics, what comes to mind? You might think they have superpowers and they fight against oppression and wrongdoing. But in business today, just being fair is nothing compared to having the ability to lead and engage others to become their...

What are the Odds?

You never think that the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t. - unknown I believe it was in 1977 while my Hubby Norm and I were living in Santa Barbara, that he announced, “we...

Finding color in shady gardens

shooting star hydrangeas
Recently I spent some time in a friend’s garden in Bonny Doon. This spectacular garden was included on Valley Church’s Garden Tour several years ago when several Bonny Doon gardens were featured. As in many gardens, there are some sunny spots and lots of...

The Mountain Gardener: Fire and renewal

I regularly visit my burned parcel in Bonny Doon to monitor the progress of the redwoods and understory plants. It will take 30-50 years for the forest to regenerate, but it’s trying.  Amazing how Mother Nature takes advantage of voids. Succession plants like native Yerba...

All about salmon

Are you ready for some plain talk?               “The time will soon be here when my grandchild will long for the                 cry of a loon, the flash of a salmon, the whisper of spruce needles or                   the screech of an eagle. But he will not make friends with...

Several Developments In The Fifth District

Bruce McPherson
The month of May has gotten off to a great start with exciting developments throughout the Fifth District. Last week, I was pleased to join other elected leaders in our county in celebrating the construction kick-off for the Highway 17 Wildlife Crossing, a project designed...

Mother’s Love and Whispers from the Past

plain talk about food
It was one of those almost too bright sunny mornings. You know the kind: Where you have to stop and wait until your eyes adjust to the light when coming back inside. Grabbing the ringing telephone, I heard my stepfather’s voice shouting “come quick.” ...

Live Music, Get Full of It

Felton Music Hall
As the pandemic wanes, we are moving, going outdoors, connecting and mingling with others because hope is in the air. We are getting full of it. So, I decided to go out on the town, downtown Felton. A Wee-bit of History In the '90s, I moved...

What is all the buzz about?

humble sea
I recently asked a colleague who lives in the San Lorenzo Valley if they’ve heard of any positive business experiences lately?  “Haven’t you heard the buzz?” they asked. “What buzz?” I fired back.  The Humble Sea Tavern in downtown Felton, located in the old Cremer House, is...

The Mystery Behind Panko

While waiting at a stoplight on Glen Arbor Road in Ben Lomond I glanced over at the long row of lovely golden yellow daffodils gracing the side of the road. Those daffodils have appeared each of the 18 years I have lived here announcing that...



Ukrainian Festival Supports Refugees Through Cultural Education

On Tuesday, Morgan Hill-based woodworking business California Craft House had to pull out of Sunday’s fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees set to be held in...