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November 24, 2021

Empowering Healing Hands

empowering hands
Massage therapy dates back as far as 3000 BCE in India, where this ancient sacred healing system migrated to China, Southeast Asia and Egypt. Then, Japan did its twist, known as Shiatsu; the Greeks and Romans added herbs and oils. Hippocrates, the Father of...

The Halloween Garden

the mountain gardener
Halloween is just around the corner and besides deciding what you or the kids are going to be this year, it’s time to bring in any plants that you plan to overwinter in the house. Whether they're the houseplants that you put out on...

Favorite Japanese Maples

the mountain gardener
I have two Japanese maples on my deck. They are not nearly as large as those I had up in Bonny Doon but you have to start somewhere. One is a common acer palmatum seedling and the other a ‘Sanguo Kaku.’ They have not...

There’s an Ornamental Grass for Every Garden

The Mountain Gardener
One of the most dramatic sights in a garden is an ornamental grass backlit by late afternoon sun. They seem to come alive as their tawny flowers spikes glow and sway in the breeze. Their gentle movement and soft whispering sounds can bring your...

Hitting the Bullseye

Bullseye Archery
While watching the documentary “This Changes Everything” on Netflix, I learned about the history of women in the film industry and their struggles for inclusion. One of the statistics included in the documentary about how films can influence us inspired this article. In the Disney/Pixar...

Creating Habits That Shape a Happy and Healthy Life

Think about this—your life today is essentially the sum of the habits you have created over the years. How in shape or out of shape are you? A result of your habits. How happy or unhappy are you? A result of your habits. How...

California Natives for Fall Planting

Beautiful beginning-of-fall weather is here and you may be thinking of what plants you want to add to your garden this fall planting season. California native plants are well suited to planting at this time of year, acclimating to their new homes without much...

What to Do in the Garden in September

the mountain gardener
Now that you’ve treated yourself to a few new unthirsty perennials that bloom late in the season it’s time to start working on that list of early fall gardens chores. Here are some that might apply to your own garden. Spider mites are especially prolific...

More Resources Coming to San Lorenzo Valley

bruce mcpherson
Due to a surge in Covid-19 infections brought on by the delta variant of the virus this summer, there will now be a mobile testing site based in Felton through a partnership with Mountain Community Resources. The Community Bridges program, located at 6134 Highway...

My Traveling Shoes

colly gruzcelak
Taking my traveling shoes down from the top shelf of my closet, I was surprised to find almost two years of dust had collected on their shiny beaded tops. These shoes have walked me through airport, ship and train terminals for almost 10 years....


Mickey Phelps

Cancer Victim Remembered for Culinary Artistry, Community Involvement

She was a hacker turned military operative, a surfer, a sailing instructor and a culinary artist who studied under Julia Child. Now locals are grieving...