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May 25, 2022

Improve the Way You Move

Janet Janssen
I had wondered why stretching my left arm above my head hurt so much. After several sleepless nights and experiencing high pain levels, I called my doctor. Her assessment alarmed me, but I insisted on X-rays. I am officially a senior citizen; I can...

How to Support Our Youth

Maaliea Wilbur
Nationwide, suicide is the third leading cause of death in teens, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Locally, teen suicide has hit all too close to home in recent weeks and years. While the subject of suicide is hard to think...

A Love-Hate Affair With Football

Plain Talk about food
Let’s be honest here. Many women hate NFL Football—plain and simple. I fall into the group of women who have suffered through season after season of this violent contact sport. There are, however, women who love this sport as much as men, some even...

The Next Generation of Leadership

Cabrillo College
“The Covid-19 pandemic fundamentally changed our relationships between work and family life as well as institutions, health care, government and employers—not to mention the traditional approaches in how we manage our performances in business.” Now, many companies are seeking ways to retain employees. Productive supervision...

Why Have We Waited So Long?

This week I decided to cook one of my oldest and most labor-intensive desserts that took many trials and errors in the process of getting just right: Flambéed Crepe Suzettes. Now, this creation requires making the crepes and having on hand oranges, lemons, Grand...

Key Community Hero Retires

Valley Churches United
Valley Churches United (VCU) has been assisting members of the San Lorenzo Valley community since 1985. From financial support to a plentiful food pantry, residents who have fallen on hard times have turned to VCU in times of trouble, finding respite in the nonprofit’s...

Local Duo Heads to Pop Warner Super Bowl

Santa Cruz Pop Warner Seahawks
Thirteen-year-old Chase Petersen loves sports. Put him on a basketball court, a soccer pitch, baseball diamond or a football field, and the San Lorenzo Valley Middle School student shines brightly.  The straight-A student is going to take that energy and determination to Florida next month...

The Halloween Garden

the mountain gardener
Halloween is just around the corner and besides deciding what you or the kids are going to be this year, it’s time to bring in any plants that you plan to overwinter in the house. Whether they're the houseplants that you put out on...

Favorite Japanese Maples

the mountain gardener
I have two Japanese maples on my deck. They are not nearly as large as those I had up in Bonny Doon but you have to start somewhere. One is a common acer palmatum seedling and the other a ‘Sanguo Kaku.’ They have not...

Hitting the Bullseye

Bullseye Archery
While watching the documentary “This Changes Everything” on Netflix, I learned about the history of women in the film industry and their struggles for inclusion. One of the statistics included in the documentary about how films can influence us inspired this article. In the Disney/Pixar...


Redwood Faire

Redwood Mountain Faire returns to Roaring Camp

Hallie Greene knows what it takes to bring a community together. From her work as the district manager of the Boulder Creek Recreation and...