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September 22, 2023

Happy New Year

The Mountain Gardener
Seems like 2020 lasted for longer than just one year. I, for one, am hoping for a less eventful year in 2021. As the calendar turns to a new year these are some of my thoughts for 2020. Well maybe they’re the same thoughts...

A Fresh Start for Longtime Radio Host

After nearly 31 years behind the microphone at KSCO, Ben Lomond resident and local celebrity Rosemary Chalmers is reinventing herself. As the long-time host of “Good Morning Monterey Bay,” the UK-born Chalmers found her home at 1080 AM in the 1990s—first as the station receptionist,...

Allergy mitigation landscaping

Jan Nelson The Mountain Gardener
According to historical records for our area the pollen count is mostly moderate in February. Depending on the weather, Pollen.com and Pollenlibrary.com show medium to high counts only for a few days this month. If you’re an allergy sufferer you don’t need a website...

Love Creek memorial remembers victims

In a grove of redwood and big leaf maples along Love Creek Road, there is a heart-wrenching memorial sign posted more than 34 years ago by a grandmother in remembrance of her two young grandsons.

‘Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus’

Plain talk about food
By Colly Gruczelak, Plain Talk About Food Pulling the last tray of maraschino cookies from the oven I noticed that darkness was descending on our Ben Lomond neighborhood and I worked quickly to finish my cleanup. Settling into a chair in front of my kitchen...

Issues from 2020 will follow us into 2021

Bruce McPherson
By Bruce McPherson, County Supervisor It’s an understandable instinct at the end of each calendar year to wrap up undone business and start the new year fresh. Unfortunately, 2020 will not afford us that opportunity as two big issues will carry over into 2021 and...

Local Duo Heads to Pop Warner Super Bowl

Santa Cruz Pop Warner Seahawks
Thirteen-year-old Chase Petersen loves sports. Put him on a basketball court, a soccer pitch, baseball diamond or a football field, and the San Lorenzo Valley Middle School student shines brightly.  The straight-A student is going to take that energy and determination to Florida next month...

Scotts Valley Community Christmas Tree honoring memory of Christopher Ow

Christopher ow tree
By The Scotts Valley Advocates  The Scotts Valley Community Christmas Tree lit up on Nov. 27, continuing a tradition dating 30 years. The Scotts Valley Park Advocates felt strongly about the importance of supporting the installation of the tree lighting for the community given the...

How Strong Is Your Back?

         Healthy posture and proper form is a product of a strong back. A weak back is what can lead to problems with posture, form, and further health issues. Your back is divided into two parts: Upper and Lower. The upper back provides a foundation for the shoulder girdle and supports our head and neck. The lower back is primarily involved in lifting, carrying and supporting our upright posture. The muscles in your back help dictate how these limbs can function and how much protection surrounds your spine. Your spine is highly important to the functioning of your body and condition of your health. Having a strong back will help you with mobility, day to day movement, lifting, holding proper posture and even boost your confidence. When you have a stronger back, you walk more upright and hold your head high, showing confidence in your stride. Having a strong back also helps improve your quality of life. A strong lower back will help keep your hip flexors and core in good shape for functional movements or training. Your lower back will also play a huge role in supporting your posture and helping with daily tasks such as lifting, standing, sitting and squatting with proper form.

The Mountain Gardener: A world of cacti in San Lorenzo Valley

There are species of cactus that grow all over North and South America and have been naturalized in Africa, Asia and Australia.



Scotts Valley agrees to fund quarter-million-dollar Skypark detoxification

Scotts Valley has agreed to front the money to pay for a quarter-million-dollar environmental cleanup at Skypark, which was found to contain arsenic, lead...