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November 24, 2021

Return to Sender

   In the 1960s, the BBC was playing over and over for its listeners…Elvis Presley’s latest hit about writing a letter to a lost love –

Controlling diseases and pests on fruit trees

I love it when a nice reader takes the time to call me to suggest a topic they’d like to see me write about or remind them what needs to be done at a certain time of year. Take Helen, who lives in Spring Lakes in Scotts Valley, for instance. Helen told me she grows tomatoes in the summer and has 4 fruit trees including a satsuma plum, an espaliered apple and a tangerine. Helen battles peach leaf curl on her plum and coddling moth larvae inside her apples and would like to know exactly what to use and when to control these problems. So this column is for you, Helen.

Club Roundup

Kiwanis Club of Scotts Valley


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Talk about money: College savings picture a little clearer

The choices about how to save for college just got clearer.

The Mountain Gardener: Forgotten garden beauties

Some plants have become the darlings of the garden, while other perfectly good plants are being left in the dust (no pun intended) and ignored.

Club Roundup

Santa Cruz Moose 545

The Mountain Gardener: Living wall shouts love at every turn

I designed other parts of this garden, but this area was all hers. She'd been interested in cactus and succulents for a long time before deciding to combine her passion for these plants and her love of gardening to a problem spot in the garden. The results are jaw-dropping impressive and I was honored to visit this garden and get a private tour.

Bonny Doon couple celebrates 50 years

Bonny Doon residents Marion and Dick Wahl celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday, Aug. 22, 2009.

What to grow in the winter

I had to wait a couple years for my variegated winter daphne to settle in before setting flowers but this year it’s making up for lost time. There’s something special about a plant that will bloom in the depth of winter, hold up to rain and scent the garden all at the same time. With beautiful rosy-pink flower clusters and attractive yellow-margined variegated foliage, daphne make a great foundation plant for dappled shade gardens. They are deer resistant and have low water requirements during the summer. What’s not to love?


Mickey Phelps

Cancer Victim Remembered for Culinary Artistry, Community Involvement

She was a hacker turned military operative, a surfer, a sailing instructor and a culinary artist who studied under Julia Child. Now locals are grieving...