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November 24, 2021

Here we go again: Director’s resignation hurts community

Residents of the San Lorenzo Valley are blessed in many ways. The beauty of our surroundings greets us each day; our neighbors are generally kind and helpful, and, well, neighborly. Employees of local shops and restaurants know our names, our favorite drinks or our...

Allergy mitigation landscaping

Jan Nelson The Mountain Gardener
According to historical records for our area the pollen count is mostly moderate in February. Depending on the weather, Pollen.com and Pollenlibrary.com show medium to high counts only for a few days this month. If you’re an allergy sufferer you don’t need a website...

We must remain united

Mayor Derek Timm
By Derek Timm, Scotts Valley Mayor Our Scotts Valley Police Officers do so much for our community, and everyone in leadership agrees that we want to support them in every way we can. To say this year has been difficult is an understatement, not only...

We the people deserve better

We the people are watching our country burn, seeing images on television and social media of police in riot gear storming our nation’s capital in Washington D.C. as it is overrun by Americans who believe they have been cheated and wronged and disenfranchised. We the...

Winter’s bold fruit

plain talk about food
The Persimmon tree first caught my eye many years ago as I turned onto Highway 9 near my Ben Lomond home. Only minutes earlier I had been pondering about my choice of dessert for our annual Winter Solstice celebratory dinner. This tree seems to magically...

Rx for sad houseplants

The Mountain Gardener jan nelson
Tucked on window sills and tabletops, my houseplants clean the air and provide indoor beauty while the landscape outdoors is mostly resting. They are easy to keep healthy if I follow a few tips during the dark days of winter. it’s their time to...

Letters & Shout-outs

Shout-out: Siskiyou communities commend Falcons football team’s relief efforts

Opinion April 17th

Do you need Personal Protective Equipment for protection from Coronavirus? Are you making masks, face shields or other protective equipment? Get what you need, or share what you make with those who need it. Visit our local Coordination Hubs for personal protective gear.

Say ‘No’ to water merger

letters to the editor
By Bill Smallman The Lompico County Water District and San Lorenzo Valley Water District merger was a win-win move. LCWD’s improvements would get done, and SLVWD gained 500 customers. The Felton merger was also a great achievement. The main reason is the intimate relationship between...

Opinion, October 2nd

Voting for SLVWD New Board Candidate


Mickey Phelps

Cancer Victim Remembered for Culinary Artistry, Community Involvement

She was a hacker turned military operative, a surfer, a sailing instructor and a culinary artist who studied under Julia Child. Now locals are grieving...