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November 24, 2021

56 years of community journalism in the Twin Valleys

The Highlander, formerly the Ben Lomond Courier, had stopped publishing. It was 1960, and the rainy season had begun in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Valley businesses such as Roy’s Market and Johnnie’s Super had no way to advertise their holiday specials. Schools had no place to list their holiday concerts. There were no other media.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, In your edition of July 24, Ms. Lois Roth asked the Board of Directors of Lompico Water District (not a company, by the way), to tell our constituents why we would approve the use of water to clean our office building and parking area.We have been doing a late spring cleaning at the office, organizing, scrubbing, dusting, polishing... In that spirit, John, one of Lompico Water's field staff, filled the pot holes in the parking lot. I went out to admire his work and thank him, and said that I wished we could power wash the building. John said that we could, using reclaimed and no longer potable water, so I asked him to do that.We were waiting for the calls from people asking why we were wasting water; we would have reassured them that we weren't.I did not expect to see the first question in the Press Banner, rather than asked of us directly. I wish Ms. Roth had not skipped that step. This does give me the opportunity, however, to remind everyone that we are still living in drought conditions, and need to practice severe conservation. At the same time, please don't rush to judgment about neighbors; many of us used recycled water for gardens, for instance.Please save water, and please ask before accusing.Merrie SchallerDirectorLompico Water District     

Editor’s notebook: Calling all lemons

The wedding is less than two weeks away and there are several thoughts swirling through my head. Top of the list: Where can I find a good hamburger? Actually, that question arises only at lunchtime and I don’t think it’s wedding-related. Here’s a sampling of what’s going on in my brain in the days leading up to the ceremony:

State of the City in Scotts Valley

This will be the first of a three-part series over the coming months to provide you with information and activities about your city, call it if you will, a Mayor’s address or State of the City. It is presented to you either to inform you or to create debate and action on issues that affect our great little city.

‘Hire’ the best candidate



Mickey Phelps

Cancer Victim Remembered for Culinary Artistry, Community Involvement

She was a hacker turned military operative, a surfer, a sailing instructor and a culinary artist who studied under Julia Child. Now locals are grieving...