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January 24, 2022

Fight the loss of Medi-Cal benefits

The recent passage of the state budget resulted in the loss of Medi-Cal “optional benefits” effective July 1, a $129.4 million spending cut designed to reduce California’s budget deficit.

What to do if you think you have swine flu

Swine influenza (aka swine flu) is most commonly a respiratory infection caused by a virus that up to now has been confined to pigs. There have previously been few reported cases of transmission of this disease to human beings.

Festive evening to launch SV Christmas season

There’ll be a whole new look to the kickoff of Christmas season in Scotts Valley.

2008 Scotts Valley scholarship and award winners

Graduating seniors at Scotts Valley High School won a total of $638,025 in scholarships and numerous awards. Commencement was Thursday, June 12.


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As Build Back Better Plan Stalls, Scotts Valley Digs Into Piggy...

It was like music to the ears of Scotts Valley politicians, last summer, when Democrats announced they’d be setting $1.4 million aside to replace...