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Scotts Valley
April 20, 2024
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Guest Column | Scotts Valley Tackles Challenges

Setting goals is essential for the City to be successful. The City Council discussed and approved nine strategic goals for 2023-24 to allow Scotts...

Guest Column | Rain! Rain! Rain!

On Jan. 14, Scotts Valley joined other local jurisdictions when City Manager Mali LaGoe issued a Proclamation declaring a local emergency, to be ratified...
bioair scrubber and new well

Scotts Valley Drinking Water Plant Upgrades Unveiled

It costs big bucks to ensure one of life’s essential components is fit for human consumption. And on May 25, local officials and media...
Jack Dilles speaks

Vice Mayor voices transparency concerns

“Future Agenda Items” is usually one of the least contentious portions of a Council meeting. It’s a time to propose new ideas and look...
scotts valley finances

Scotts Valley’s Finances Soar Past Estimates

As visitors return to hotels, residents hit the shops again and developers move ahead with projects, Scotts Valley has found itself in the fortunate...
Scotts Valley recreation

Scotts Valley Begins Early Stages of Recreation Restart

As it embarks on the next phase of pandemic planning, Scotts Valley is pushing forward with its plan to restore parks and recreation activities. Speaking...

Scotts Valley City Council resumes after summer hiatus, lots on agenda

At last week’s Scotts Valley City Council meeting the council agreed to participate in an ad hoc “Interagency Advisory Subcommittee” tasked with “developing a collective message” between various local agencies on issues surrounding growth and development in Scotts Valley.

Hotel room tax increase under discussion in Scotts Valley

With the number of hotel rooms expected to double in Scotts Valley in the next 18 months, and with a  “fiscal cliff” lying ahead for the city budget, several city council members think it may be an opportune time to raise the local hotel room tax, called the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT).  The question, is by how much?

Scotts Valley’s city budget approaches a fiscal cliff

In view of the “fiscal cliff” lying ahead for the City of Scotts Valley, the city council is keeping its promise of looking for every possible way to improve the city’s fiscal situation.  At last week’s city council meeting, these efforts included a workshop on city fees, aimed at getting closer to cost recovery for some city services, and a discussion about raising the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) or “local hotel room tax” from 10 percent of hotel room charges to 12 percent.  



Emergency guardrail repairs result in daytime lane closures for Highway 17...

Maintenance crews will be performing emergency repairs to the guardrail in the median on Highway 17 near Scotts Valley on Monday, April 22. Travelers...