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April 20, 2024
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Guest Column | Scotts Valley Celebrates Public Works Week

National Public Works Week is from May 21 to 27, so let’s take a look at what Public Works does here in Scotts Valley....

Guest Column | D.A.R.E. Empowers Students

Students face challenges beyond the pressure to succeed academically. Parents hear about many of these issues as their children move through middle school, high...

Guest Column | Take Me Home, Scotts Valley

Why is everyone talking about housing? Housing is too expensive and there are not enough homes. Many Scotts Valley workers cannot afford to live...

Guest Column | Scotts Valley Tackles Challenges

Setting goals is essential for the City to be successful. The City Council discussed and approved nine strategic goals for 2023-24 to allow Scotts...

Guest Column | Rain! Rain! Rain!

On Jan. 14, Scotts Valley joined other local jurisdictions when City Manager Mali LaGoe issued a Proclamation declaring a local emergency, to be ratified...

Former Finance Director Named Scotts Valley Mayor

It was a festive scene of Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple-Cranberry and chocolate chip and sugar cookies, during a special Dec. 21 Scotts Valley City Council...

Scotts Valley Mayor Jim Reed seeks re-election

Running for his third full term as a member of the Scotts Valley City Council,  Jim Reed says the city is “right on the cusp” of realizing some major long term goals, particularly the Town Center Project, and after all these years of planning and preparation, Reed wants to be part of getting it built.

Stephany Aguilar is up for re-election on city council

After over 20 years of serving on Scotts Valley City Council, Stephany Aguilar has no desire to stop serving her community.

In Conversation with Mayor Jim Reed

Last week Scotts Valley Mayor Jim Reed sat down for an interview with the Press Banner to discuss some important issues he hopes to address in his third mayoral term. There is no question for Reed a key economic driver for the city will be the addition of new hotels. According to Reed’s estimates, one hotel can generate enough transient occupancy tax revenue equivalent to what 1,823 single family homes or 10 grocery stores would generate.

‘Ask the Mayor’ a success using Facebook Live

Looking for new ways to engage with the Scotts Valley community, Mayor Jim Reed answered questions during the “Ask your Mayor” live broadcast on My Scotts Valley’s Facebook page Monday evening.



Emergency guardrail repairs result in daytime lane closures for Highway 17...

Maintenance crews will be performing emergency repairs to the guardrail in the median on Highway 17 near Scotts Valley on Monday, April 22. Travelers...