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June 30, 2022

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Steve Walpole, SVPD chief

Crime level stabilizing, according to Scotts Valley PD

Burglaries nearly doubled in 2020—overall, crime fluctuated heavily during the pandemic, Scotts Valley Police Department Chief Steve Walpole, Jr. told the city council in...

Local scout troop marks historic event

Local scouts in Troop 614 marked an historic event in the pre-dawn hours of Feb 1 as a dozen young women were allowed to join the Boy Scouts of America for the first time and participated in a flag raising ceremony.

Reporter goes on ride along with SVPD

    On Tuesday, July 24, this reporter accompanied Scotts Valley Police Department Officer Paul Meier on a ride-along throughout the city. The trip allowed me to see through the eyes of an officer, and to understand what he does on a daily basis.

Scotts Valley Police Dept. welcomes two female officers

Scotts Valley Police Chief Steve Walpole seems to be following the recommendations of several studies finding that woman police officers improve the overall performance and reduce complaints of police violence in major cities across the country. After several years of turnover and vacancies in the Scotts Valley Police Department, the department is now fully staffed with the addition of two new female police officers: Officer Meredith Roberts and Officer Pascal Wowak.
Scotts Valley City Council

Scotts Valley’s capital improvement projects prioritized

In anticipation of upcoming budget hearings, last week members of the Scotts Valley City Council discussed capital improvement priorities for next fiscal year, as well as the next five years, as detailed in the “Five-year Capital Improvement Plan” submitted by Interim Public Works Director Steve Hammack.

Eyes in the sky

The Scotts Valley Police Department — responding to ongoing shenanigans at Skypark Skateboard Park — this week installed a high-tech surveillance camera.

Dispatch Log

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office

Dispatch log

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office


Scotts Valley active shooter drill

Real-World Scare Briefly Halts ‘Active Shooter’ Drill

Officers and firefighters running through “active shooter” drills at Scotts Valley High School had to make a quick shift into a real-world situation on...