Since it's grand opening, Roadside Cafe has been a favorite for locals and new comers. 

After being displaced by fire in its original location three years ago, the Boulder Creek Roadside Café has been resurrected just a few miles north from downtown.
Formerly known as the Boulder Creek Brewery, and then the Boulder Creek Outpost, The Boulder Creek Roadside Café re-opened its doors in mid-January, much to the relief of long-term customers.
“This place makes me so happy,” wrote Shawna McDonnell on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “Great food, great beer, great staff. Kudos to Nancy (Long) and the team for making this place feel like home.”
The journey back from a devastating fire on March 29, 2015, which left the entire inside of the building destroyed, a collapsed roof and only a few walls left standing, is now complete.
At the time the café, which launched in 1989, employed between 40 and 50 people. Now, the scaled-down version has a team of 11 workers, but still the same, folksy feel.
“This is and always was the place to hang out in Boulder Creek,” posted Julie Horner on Facebook. “You kept the spirit alive.”
Owner Nancy Long said she’s felt the appreciation of both long-time customers and those just discovering multi-cuisine menu.
“The community has been very welcoming to us,” she said, adding that meals are prepared from scratch with local ingredients. “We’re happy to be here.”
The eatery serves lunch and dinner, and has 12 beers on tap.
Menu items include mac and cheese, chicken pesto bliss, seven types of hamburgers, and various salads.
Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Closed Wednesdays)
Address: 15520 CA-9
Phone: 831-338-3820     

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