I have been afraid to answer my phone lately, because I am almost sure it will be a call from another political group to survey me or persuade me or ask me to complete an informal poll. Therefore, when I was asked to make phone calls to voters to talk about Measure K, I had to decline — even though I feel strongly that this short-term parcel tax must be passed by the voters in the upcoming election.
Once each year, for three years, the Scotts Valley schools are asking non-exempted parcel owners to pay $48. There are no catches.

  • The funds will be overseen by an independent committee of community members.
  • The language of the measure ensures that no funds will be used for administrative costs of any kind, and all funds will be directly used to benefit the schools and students in maintaining our high-quality educational standards.
  • If they opt out, the tax will not be collected from citizens receiving Social Security benefits or those who are older than 65 years of age.
  • The tax will not be collected more than once per year from individual parcel owners.
  • If the state increases funding for education to a sufficient level, the parcel tax will be reduced or eliminated.
  • And the tax will be eliminated if another form of governmental funding is available to replace the revenue acquired through the parcel tax.

I will not call you to ask you for your support. I will not call to ask you if you know all of the facts, or if you would like more information. I will not cause your phone to ring at dinnertime or bath time, or on the weekend. I want you to know how much I value your time and privacy.
I will just hope that you read this and that you know how important it is to find a way to actively demonstrate support for education. Classes cannot get bigger than they are now if we expect to see our children succeed. School libraries cannot be open fewer hours than they are now if we want our children to be literate and love books. Our schools cannot lose another highly qualified teacher if we want to maintain our status as one of the top high schools in the nation (see U.S News and World Report, May 8) — a ranking achieved through the competency and dedication of every teacher from kindergarten through 12th grade. Our schools cannot lose a reading, writing, math or science program if we want our children’s futures to be filled with promise.
I will not call you, and I still hope you will join the teachers, City Council members, seniors, business leaders, school board members and families who have already committed to voting yes on Measure K.
Debby Rhoads is the mother of two Scotts Valley High School graduates and teaches at Scotts Valley High School.

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