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The County of Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz Regional 911 have announced the launch of CruzAware, an innovative and comprehensive community alert and warning system designed to keep residents informed and safe.

CruzAware represents a significant upgrade over the previous system, CodeRED, and introduces a range of enhanced features to ensure effective communication during both emergency and non-emergency situations.

In addition to providing vital information during emergencies, CruzAware includes a robust messaging platform for residents in unincorporated areas that goes beyond emergency alerts and gives those residents the option to receive non-emergency notifications regarding roadwork and other neighborhood-level disruptions and information.

Each user can select their preferred language and communication channels, including phone calls, text messages and/or email. CruzAware also includes a free mobile app, available across all platforms. This new functionality aims to foster greater awareness, engagement and collaboration among community members.

“We are excited to introduce CruzAware as the next generation of our community alert and warning system,” said David Reid, director of the Santa Cruz County Office of Response, Recovery & Resilience. “With CruzAware, we are not only ensuring the safety and security of our residents during emergencies but also keeping them informed about various non-emergency events that may impact their daily lives.”

To facilitate a seamless transition, all existing CodeRED users will be automatically enrolled in CruzAware. However, we encourage residents to update their contact information and preferences by visiting By doing so, they can ensure they receive timely and accurate notifications tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

“Signing up for emergency notifications through CruzAware is crucial for every resident,” said Stephanie French, operations manager for Santa Cruz Regional 911. “During emergencies, seconds matter, and being promptly informed can make all the difference in ensuring personal safety and the well-being of our community.”

Key features and benefits of CruzAware include:

• Comprehensive emergency alerts: Receive critical information during natural disasters, severe weather events, public safety concerns and other emergencies.

• Non-emergency messaging: Stay informed about roadwork, community-level impacts, public meetings and other important updates affecting your area.

• Customizable communication channels: Choose to receive alerts via text messages, phone calls, email, or the CruzAware mobile app to ensure notifications reach you wherever you are.

• Enhanced accuracy and precision: Benefit from advanced geolocation technology that delivers targeted alerts based on your specific location, minimizing unnecessary disruptions.

• Multilingual support: Access alerts and messages in multiple languages to accommodate the diverse needs of our community.

Local city messaging platforms, such as Nixle, are not impacted by the switch, though residents throughout the County are encouraged to sign up for CruzAware as well.

Unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County include all neighborhoods outside of the boundaries of the four cities, including the San Lorenzo Valley, Lompico, Zayante, Davenport, Bonny Doon, Live Oak, Pleasure Point, Skyline, Soquel, Aptos, Rio Del Mar, Corralitos, La Selva Beach and more.

To learn more about CruzAware and sign up for emergency notifications, visit

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