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January 23, 2022

Cypress Division All-League Football Team

PCAL Cypress Division Top Players

Lineman of the Year: Matthew O’Brien-Rojo, Scotts Valley

Offensive Player of the Year: Isaiah Velez, Scotts Valley

Defensive Player of the Year: Nolan Smith, Scotts Valley

First team offense

Jjey Martinez, King City, QB

Jaden Hunter, San Lorenzo Valley, QB

Jacob Booker, Pacific Grove, RB

Isaiah Velez, Scotts Valley, RB

Alexis Dedios, King City, WR

Dominic Chiechi, San Lorenzo Valley, WR

Carlos Rodriguez, Watsonville, TE

Angel Arroyo, King City, OL

Angelo Hampton, Pacific Grove, OL

Carlton Keegan, Scotts Valley, OL

Michael Duff, Rancho San Juan, OL

Matthew O’Brien-Rojo, Scotts Valley, OL

Frankie Medina, Watsonville, OL

Cole Leonard, Scotts Valley, Utility

San Lorenzo Valley senior quarterback Jaden Hunter finished with three rushing touchdowns and a passing touchdown in a 39-20 win against Arroyo High in non-league play on Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021. (Photo by Juan Reyes)

Second team offense

Colin Tavares, Pacific Grove, QB

Ivan Lizardi, King City, RB

Matthew Flores, Watsonville, RB

Gil Mellin, North County, WR

Anthony Campos, Watsonville, WR

Nolan Smith, Scotts Valley, TE

Juan Perez Bernal, North County, OL

Jacob Ruiz, Rancho San Juan, OL

Max Perko, Scotts Valley, OL

Zack Shai-Helmold, Scotts Valley, OL

Michael Lang, San Lorenzo Valley, OL

Riley Nelson, San Lorenzo Valley, OL

Steve Araujo, Rancho San Juan, Utility

First team defense

Alexis Dedios, King City, DB

Steve Araujo, Rancho San Juan, DB

Caden Stratton, Scotts Valley, DB

Isaiah Velez, Scotts Valley, DB

Sebastian Garcia, King City, DL

Moises Reyes, Rancho San Juan, DL

Carlton Keegan, Scotts Valley, DL

Matthew O’Brien-Rojo, Scotts Valley, DL

Matthew Flores, Watsonville, DL

Ivan Lizardi, King City, LB

Jabari Reynolds, Rancho San Juan, LB

Nolan Smith, Scotts Valley, LB

Matis Barbier, Scotts Valley, LB

Jacob Saiz, Watsonville, LB

Scotts Valley High’s Caden Stratton fights for extra yards during Friday night’s game against Watsonville High. The Falcons defeated the Wildcatz, 49-13, in PCAL-Cypress division play. (Photo by Juan Reyes)

Second team defense

Sam Umbarger, King City, DB

Nico Torres, North County, DB

Kaleb Kuska, Pacific Grove, DB

Vicente Moqueda, Watsonville, DB

Israel Chavez, King City, DL

Juan Perez Bernal, North County, DL

Jean Will Reynolds, Pacific Grove, DL

Max Perko, Scotts Valley, DL

Michael Lang, San Lorenzo Valley, DL

Richard Mendoza, North County, LB

Ramon Ramirez, North County, LB

Alex Guzman, North County, LB

Zack Schai-Helmold, Scotts Valley, LB

Robert Caput, Watsonville, LB

San Lorenzo Valley High senior Michael Lang, pictured running, led a young Cougars football in the PCAL Cypress Division this past season. Photo: Juan Reyes

Elgie Bellizio Sportsmanship award 

King City

Richard Chamberlain Sportsmanship Team

Aidan Caulk, King City

Caden Statton, Scotts Valley

Dominic Chiechi, San Lorenzo Valley

Marcos Munoz, North County

Kaleb Kuska, Pacific Grove

Mateo Magana, Rancho San Juan

Adrian Arevalo, Watsonville


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