Dog Days

Land of Dogs
Scotts Valley is home to many dogs. While dogs cannot yet vote, their owners make up a large part of the community. On a national level, 36% of homes have dogs. On my block, dogs reside in 14 of 19 homes. We must be going to the dogs.
K-9s play an important public safety role. Atlas, a Sable Shepherd from Israel and his partner, Police Sergeant Brandon Polito, protect residents and businesses by detecting narcotics, tracking fleeing suspects or lost individuals and apprehending suspects. In addition, they provide public demonstrations at various venues including the County Fair. Soon the team of Officer Jared Johnson and Odin, our new K-9, will be joining the ranks.
Canine Commerce
Many dog-oriented businesses grace Scotts Valley. The City has five veterinary locations, including Valley Oak Veterinary Clinic, Scotts Valley Veterinary, Mount Hermon Veterinary Clinic, McConnell Veterinary Services and the new Coast Veterinary Services.
Scotts Valley has two dog supply stores– Scotts Valley Feed and EarthWise Pet Supply. Dog sitters and trainers abound. Our family employs local sitters when we are away. They take great care of our dogs. We have also used local dog trainers with great success.
I recommend spending your dog dollars at local businesses to help our local economy and because you and your dogs will receive great friendly service.
Dog Recreation
Scotts Valley has a roomy dog park for off-leash exercising and socializing at Skypark. The dog park is divided into two areas – one for small dogs and one for large dogs. City plans call for a future permanent dog park when Shugart Park is developed.
Dogs on leashes are welcome in all City parks. If you like to walk your dogs on trails, check out the brand new Glenwood Preserve trails on the west side of Glenwood Drive and the trails at Lodato Park.
If that is not enough, KPIG sponsors the annual “Days of Wine and Wet Noses” event to benefit the Animal Shelter and the Chamber of Commerce hosts “Bring Your Dog Day” at the annual Art, Wine and Beer Festival.
Adopting Dogs
I highly recommend that anyone who wants to acquire a dog do so by visiting the Animal Shelter and adopting a dog that is just waiting for you. Our family has adopted dogs over the years from the Animal Shelter. Currently we have two adopted dogs and they are a big part of our family.
Dog Owner Responsibilities
It is essential that dog owners be responsible caretakers of their dogs. Dogs must be leashed at all times in public to keep them under control and to protect them from being injured. And, of course, it is important to respect your neighbors and the environment by always cleaning up after your dogs. Dogs also benefit from training. It helps them become good citizens of the community.
Scotts Valley is dog friendly and we are a better place because of it.

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