I’ve been following the “flag fiasco” with mild interest.
I have to ask: Do we put more importance on a piece of cloth than the people?
What comes to mind when someone displays the Dixie flag? Many think it’s cute, though some find it highly offensive. But I will not venture an opinion on that subject. I can’t imagine anyone becoming offended by the flag of an ally (New Zealand).
Fly your flags and celebrate the things we share in common. Flying one of an enemy would be far more offensive — if not stupid.
Reading the Press-Banner, I did get riled up about this alleged tagger, Coty Chirolo, who caused thousands of dollars of damage imposing his “artistic expressions” on everyone, whether they like it or not.
I’m from the old school on tagging. When I grew up, graffiti was rare, except for the very poor parts of San Francisco. We were taught respect for the possessions of others. We were taught to respect other peoples’ property.
Today, we are so worried about violating everyone’s rights that the world has become the canvas for these graffiti artists, and I do use the term “artist” loosely.
Punishment? Whatever we’re doing now is not working. Slap their hands, fine them a few dollars, and jail time doesn’t seem to touch the problem.
If they like to paint so much, perhaps a little labor painting public buildings would be in order. Punishment in my day was physical. A swift paddle on the backside discouraged all sorts of misbehavior. Corporal punishment may be out of style, but it sure worked way back when.
I’d like to say education is a better answer to this dilemma. The real education starts at home with parents who care about their children and neighbors. Teachers in the school systems have enough on their plates with all the mandated garbage from the state and federal governments. They are not babysitters for unruly children. Time to wake up and smell the spray paint.
Bob McMurtry, Felton

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