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June 30, 2022

Leading through giving

By Janet Janssen, Strictly Business

There is no denying this year has left an indelible mark on the community, personally and collectively. Each month, we share about businesses who sell more than their products or services but give back to their community. This practice of giving back to the community is not a goal for them but an action.

The promotion

David Lyng Real Estate (DLRE) is another such business amongst us. Founded in 1980, ranked 300th in the United States with offices in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties, with six offices and over 200 Realtors, they are a proud family business. Their newly-announced CEO, Morgan Lyng Lukina, the daughter of David and Sally Lyng, their youngest child, has been in their business for 10 years.

This announcement aligned with their 40th anniversary in Santa Cruz and 10th anniversary in Monterey, earlier this year. After reading the report on this new promotion, I had to talk with Morgan. I was stuck by Morgan’s first words when I asked about her new role as CEO.

“We are more than just a real estate company,” Morgan said. “We care about our clients, and our reputation is paramount.”

Morgan expressed how this referral-based business is a privilege for them and giving back to the community is a significant company value. Morgan holds a bachelor’s from UC Berkeley in Business administration and believes in the importance of leadership and their agents’ value.

Giving back

I was surprised to learn the breadth of their giving. They support Fire Relief Auction & Fundraising, which benefits Finding Sophia for those who lost their homes in the fires, a $10,000 goal. There is still time to bid at 32auctions.com/firereliefauction. The SemperViren Fund helps rebuild the trails for Big Basin State Park. They also support the Felton Fire Protection Department and Monterey County Regional Fire Fighters Association.

Plus, they have joined forces with the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County with their Adopted Family Stars for disadvantaged families and United Ways charitable Golf Tournament with a goal of $15,000. And their generous gift-of-giving extends to their 200 agents who can select other nonprofit causes for the community to contribute.

When I asked Morgan about the challenges they too had to face this year with the impact of Covid-19, and evacuations, she was quick to demonstrate her business’s leadership abilities. As President of the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors (SCCAR), she said, “This has been a year of challenges, but also a year of new opportunities and a time of self-reflection for individuals and companies alike.” Quoted on their website, “Morgan looks forward to continuing to uphold the values of professionalism, integrity and leadership that are the pillars of David Lyng Real Estate.”

Taking pride

While David Lyng will stay on as President, “it makes Sally and I both happy and proud that our company will continue through the next generation as a family-owned and operated business, serving both Santa Cruz and Monterey communities.” After talking with Morgan, I learned too she is a mother of two young children and loves to garden and golf.

During our first shelter-in-place, her leadership ability set up online training to help support their agents and those in SCCAR during the safety requirement of Covid-19 and the fire evacuations. She also started the Q&A podcast, a Resilience Series, to help uplift their agent’s spirits and provide ongoing education.

At last, before writing this article, I went onto YouTube to see what kind of homes they sell. While I am not in the market to buy a home, I was impressed by their professionalism and impeccable attention to detail. If you are in the market, please visit: davidlyng.com.

Janet Janssen is a local business coach, trainer & speaker who works with small business owners and their teams.  Questions: [email protected] Join her course, Jan. 14 at Cabrillo College Professional Development Programs. Register for: From Great to Amazing: How to Improve Your Online Presentations bit.ly/3my8Nrk.


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