My wife and I live on Boulder Street. We want to go on record as opposing the proposed recreational center. In the abstract, I think it is a worthwhile concept — just not in this locale. 
Maybe the water company property across the street will suffice; maybe use the vacant school property north of town; maybe expanding its present site would do as well. Perhaps those in charge could scale it back a bit and locate it elsewhere. I don’t know, as this issue is so recent, none of us have had a chance to provide meaningful input.
I never thought that the district would consider getting grant money to provide a larger place for transient social activity to be in the interest of everyone, let alone the neighborhood, when uprooting residents, leveling houses and dramatically, permanently altering its pristine character would inevitably follow.
Let us reason together.
All of us who live in this residential area appreciate its beauty, quiet and safety, which is why we moved here in the first place. I do not know what kind of tradeoff could compensate us or our neighbors for the loss of these blessings. Once gone, they will never return. 

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