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Letter to the Editor | Published Dec. 8, 2023

Pump track doesn’t belong at Felton park

As 24 year-long residents of Felton, we are strongly opposed to the pump track proposal being considered. Aside from its historical significance, the Felton Covered Bridge Park has been a beloved refuge for generations of families.

Its grassy shaded areas, BBQs, picnic tables and fun playground are the perfect setting for birthday parties, dog walking, frisbee, etc. It hosts concerts, festivals, weddings and other community events utilizing the entire small footprint of the park.

We walk our dog there almost daily, reveling in the tranquility. We can’t imagine tearing up the grass for an asphalt track as this would destroy a large area (at least 1/3) of the park. Since there is both a pump and skateboard park in close proximity (in Scotts Valley and Highlands Park), building one here makes no sense to us.

If we wish to use the volleyball area for something, why not put a fence around it, creating a mini-dog park at very little cost? The existing parking lot is very small and inadequate for a large daily volume of visitors. The whole area is on a flood zone, which regularly causes environmental damage and this has not been adequately addressed.

The plans for a pump track were already made without first getting community support. The Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Group purposefully packed the public meetings with individuals from outside of Felton in their ongoing attempts to push this proposal through and may stand to gain financially from building it. Despite being repeatedly asked crucial questions, such as “Have you considered any other more appropriate locations?”, we have never received an answer.

The Felton community is not opposed to recreation and a pump track, but our beloved and small Felton park is not the appropriate location for it. This proposal would forever change the nature of our historic local treasure. Please don’t pave our paradise.

The county supervisors will be meeting Tuesday, Dec. 12, where the board will vote on whether or not to support the pump track. What you can do: Attend the meeting in-person at 9am at the Governmental Center Building – Board Chambers, 701 Ocean St., Room 525, in Santa Cruz; or email a letter of opposition to [email protected] by 5pm Monday, Dec. 11.

Martha and Dan Waldon

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