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Target to Displace Small Businesses

As residents of Felton we, like many others, had looked forward to the opening of a new Target to fill the shopping void left by the Scotts Valley Kmart. However, as the new development is being built up with a huge façade on all the smaller stores, we are becoming aware that many of these small businesses are being forced out by the conglomerate.

First came Chubby’s, the much-loved diner that has been a mainstay and family favorite for many years. The owner refused to comply with the landlord’s rent increase and the developer’s demands to change their look and feel to a higher-end, expensive restaurant and bar.   

Now Earthwise Pet Supply and Grooming has simultaneously been served with a 50% rent increase as well as an eviction notice forcing them to vacate by the end of August. Other small businesses like the Dry Cleaners are also being forced out. The only safe havens are national chains such as The Dollar Tree, Togo’s and 7-11. Meanwhile, Target will be paying no rent since they bought their building from Kmart.

The renovation has taken many months to complete and access to the stores has been limited, cutting into their bottom line. I’m sure that at this point, some will even be relieved to move, or sadly shut down to escape demands from their new corporate neighbor. We will miss them all and we may refrain from shopping at Target because of its disregard for small businesses and the community.

Martha Graham-Waldon, Felton  

Please, Pick Up the Poop 

Walking down Lockewood Lane this morning I was horrified to see many piles of dog poop. I thought part of dog ownership was carrying those little green bags and picking up after your dog. Whenever I see someone doing just that I thank them for being a responsible dog owner. Just because it isn’t someone’s front lawn doesn’t mean that you should just leave it there. Come on people—show a little courtesy and be responsible. 

Jann Smart, Scotts Valley

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