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Letters to the Editor, July 23

Fultz is a cheapskate and political poseur

I would like to disagree with director Bob Fultz on a very important issue: He does not work for me and never has. He has always followed his own singular focus on cost-cutting. In fact, I remember attending one meeting more than a year ago where he attempted to force through cuts in the annual budget the board had just passed at the prior meeting. Because of his constant whining, that budget contained a number of painful cuts that could have negatively impacted the fine service San Lorenzo Valley Water District staff has provided over the 26 years I’ve lived here.

As other water districts in the area are, SLVWD is facing a unique challenge in dealing with fire damage. Compared to what I’ve heard from neighbors about their travails with other, smaller local districts, they’ve done remarkably well in a difficult situation. Yet director Fultz continues his attention-seeking behavior, to the detriment of the district. He may think this will help him fulfill his obvious political ambitions. But, in my observation, it does nothing to benefit the district or the ratepayers.

If Fultz ever decides to work for me, instead of for himself, I’d certainly welcome the change. In the meantime, I wish he’d trying to convince me otherwise. Because I’m not buying it. I am, however, voting in favor of the fire-recovery surcharge. Reliable, high-quality water is worth $10 a month more to me.

Chris Finnie, Boulder Creek

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