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Pellerin Cares About the People

Dear Scotts Valley voters, Join me in supporting Gail Pellerin for State Assembly. I won’t tell you about all her fantastic work as County Clerk or how she would always stand up and fight for LGBTQ+ and reproductive rights. I will tell you that Gail is the most passionate, considerate, and admirable public servant I’ve ever met. 

Last week, when I was doorknocking as I usually do with Gail, she noticed that my shoes were pretty beat up (I had been walking a lot this election season). She asked if I needed new shoes, and I said these were fine; I’d just been walking a lot. Later that night, she sent me $100 and told me to buy myself a new pair of shoes. She’s a caring mother and will be an even more caring representative in the State Assembly. 

After getting to know Gail, both during the primary and now, as we head into November, I can wholeheartedly tell you that Gail will be a fighter, champion, and the best role model for our community. Gail cares passionately about everyone in this district, which is why you should vote for Gail.

Joe Thompson, Santa Cruz

Vote for Smolley

Smolley’s Leadership and Experience are Needed on SLV Water District Board I’m writing to express strong support for SLV Water District Board candidate Mark Smolley. 

Mark has served ably on the Board for the past two years, filling a seat vacated by a prior Board member who moved. Before that, he served on the Engineering Committee, bringing important background and skill to that position. I encourage my fellow community members to join me in voting for Mark for a number of reasons. 

  • His professional background and expertise are an outstanding fit for SLVWD. His 20 years experience as a construction manager included large utility installation projects, water pipelines, production wells, and groundwater monitoring wells. He also worked as a licensed professional geologist in the environmental industry for over a decade. 
  • As our representative to the Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency, he has sought to protect our community’s interests in the sustainable, responsible management of shared groundwater resources. 
  • He values the exquisite natural beauty of our community and is committed to environmental stewardship. 
  • His level-headed, even-tempered leadership style is important for a well functioning Board.
  • The expertise and insights he’s brought to the district have been such that he’s been asked by staff to join in meetings outside of his normal Board commitments; that speaks volumes about the value of his knowledge.

Joni Martin, Felton

Fultz is the Right Choice

The San Lorenzo Valley Water District needs board members with experience in budget and finances, as this is the board’s primary duty of oversight. All progress in the district pivots on strong financial management. The most highly qualified person in this area is Bob Fultz, running for re-election to the board with a solid track record of applying his professional experience and skills to our benefit.

The District follows rigorous State and Federal laws and regulations on safe drinking water standards and environmental impacts. District staff is doing a good job, and uses professionals—consultants and engineers, not board members—to implement these regulations. I worked for a major water supplier in their engineering department, and later had my own construction business. The key to success in a water system is keeping up with maintenance and improvements, and with a business it is efficiency and watching the bottom line. Both take the commitment to financial management of your resources. In our district those resources include not just water and money, but district customers. Our will to protect our water resources should be equal to the will to protect our fellow ratepayers’ basic access to affordable water. While numerous studies and organizations analyze in detail our water supply, I’ve seen no District Rate Study address the economy nor include an analysis of our community’s various incomes and ability to bear more high rate increases. To support a balance using sustainable financial management, I urge voters as a community action to re-elect Bob Fultz to the SLVWD board. 

Ed Frech, Lompico Canyon

Pellerin Knows Government

Please vote for Gail Pellerin for State Assembly. Why? Because the legislature needs smart, dedicated members who understand how government works, and can make if more accountable to the needs California residents. Gail knows State and Local government. When I was an Assembly Member, she was staff to the Speaker. She hits the ground running. When I was elected to Congress, Gail was serving as the chief elections officer in Santa Cruz County. I watched her increase voter turnout and enthusiasm for voting to the highest level in the State. Vote for a proven leader, the Assembly needs people who know how to get things done. Her work will improve your community. You have a ballot mailed to you. Fill it out now, postage is paid. Your vote holds electeds accountable. 

Sam Farr, Former Congressman

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