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Scotts Valley housing development to receive San Lorenzo Valley water 

The Valley Gardens Development includes 146 residences, 60 apartment units, 12 Accessory Dwelling Units and three commercial buildings (10,000-plus square feet). The San Lorenzo Valley Water District is expected to provide potable water to this development.

The average daily demand for the project would be 50,760 gallons per day. The project is on the former golf course located behind the Scotts Valley McDonald’s on Mount Hermon Road (yes, SLV Water District provides water to parts of Scotts Valley).

The Valley Gardens Development will be on the San Lorenzo Valley Water District Board meeting agenda for May 2. The full proposal is available on the SLV Water District website in the April 16, 2024, Engineering Committee Meeting Agenda (tinyurl.com/2mexydb9).

If you are interested in the impact this development will have on your Water District, the item is scheduled for the San Lorenzo Valley Water District Board meeting on Thursday, May 2, at 6:30pm at SLVWD Conference Room, 12788 Highway 9, in Boulder Creek (the Red Barn on the right side of Highway 9 when entering Boulder Creek from the south).

Richard Moran
Ben Lomond

Coverage missed including list of honored women

The article on the 25 influential women of Scotts Valley (“Gathering Celebrates Scotts Valley’s Top 25 Women,” April 19) really caught my eye and I eagerly read it.

However, I found myself searching through the paper for the rest of the article that I thought would have a list of each of their names, at least—if not something of the ways in which they influence.

Even high school boys golf received four columns, to the women’s three. Surely, there could have been an arranging of the paper’s allotted space to accommodate the pertinent information about these honored women.

Kristia Wolf
Scotts Valley

Editor’s Note: A list of the 25 women honored was an unfortunate oversight. The entire list can be found alphabetically below. Visit myscottsvalley.com/top25womeninfluencers2024/ for more information about each woman.

The 25 Most Positive Influential Women of Scotts Valley in 2024

  • Monica Aldana
  • Dedra Bennett
  • Natalie Bradley
  • Erin Buchla
  • Marisa Cawley
  • Darshana Croskrey
  • Heidi Denger
  • Stephanie Espinola
  • Joanne Guzman
  • Sarah de Leon
  • Adina Licht
  • Donna Lind
  • Nicole Meador Mace
  • Debbie Muth
  • Maren Lilly Peduto
  • Ashley Perlitch
  • Lindsey Rice
  • Meredith Roberts
  • Mari Rossi
  • Cheryl Ruyle
  • Amee Sawhney
  • Tricia Timm
  • April Vignato
  • Melissa Walpole
  • Kelly Weaver

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