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November 24, 2021

Man gets 127 years for murder in Santa Cruz Mountain Road

A man was sentenced on Oct. 15 to 127 years to life in prison for a murder that happened on a rural Santa Cruz Mountain road, District Attorney Jeff Rosell recently announced.

Albaro Amaral Montalvo, Jr. was convicted of the murder of Kevin Medina Lopez. On June 14, 2020, Montalvo shot Medina Lopez in the back of the head with a small caliber firearm, Rosell’s Office said.

Montalvo then turned the firearm on two female witnesses, shooting one in the hand and face, and attempting but failing to shoot the other.

Both women were able to escape. 

The defendant also fled the scene, taking Medina Lopez’s vehicle and evading apprehension for several weeks. With the assistance of other individuals, Montalvo set the stolen vehicle on fire and get rid of the weapons used for the murder.

After an extensive investigation by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, Montalvo was found several weeks later and arrested. He was charged with of murder, attempted murder, carjacking, intentional discharge of a firearm, being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition, and having previously been convicted of a serious or violent felony, Rosell’s Office said. 

Montalvo was found guilty of all charges and special allegations.


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