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March 25, 2023

Faye G. Belardi Memorial Gallery Debuts with Smithsonian’s ‘Water|Ways’

The Faye G. Belardi Memorial Gallery recently opened its doors for the first time since closing as the Felton Library.  During the past few months, volunteers and San Lorenzo Valley Museum (SLVM) staff have painted, rewired and floored the historic building for the gallery’s premiere....

Sifter Sisters

Siblings help community recover from CZU fire Mikayla Casey, 14, of Boulder Creek loves books.  Her favorite activity while in Girl Scouts was to meet with her troop at the Alba Schoolhouse in Ben Lomond to catalog the hundreds of books housed in the historical building....

Four candidates vying for SLV Water Board

As residents of Boulder Creek will tell you, having access to a clean and reliable water source is a big deal. The disruption to water services due to the CZU August Lightning Complex affected vast swaths of Boulder Creekans; from Do Not Boil orders...

A Word from Our Mayor

The signs draped on highway overpasses really do say it all:  “Thank you Firefighters”  “Thank you Cal Fire, Sheriff, Police, EMS.” The profound thanks and gratitude is from the heart and the feelings of appreciation are authentic and run deep.  I believe this outpouring reflects a realization that our homes and way of life in our city really did hang in the balance and our fortuitous escape from disaster made people reflect on their good fortune.



Cleanup ongoing after storm hits Santa Cruz Mountains

About 17,000 Pacific Gas and Electric Co. customers across the county were out of power on Wednesday as Department of Transportation (Caltrans) crews worked...

Floods Ravage Region