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December 10, 2023

Valley school districts weighing return to class

newsom schools reopening plan scotts valley san lorenzo valley
By Todd Guild, Katie Evans and Christina Wise California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Dec. 30 released a plan under which schools could reopen as early as February. The plan, which streamlines the process of applying for a waiver to bring students back for in-person instruction, is...

The dog days of summer are here

The Mountain Gardener
They’re called the dog days of summer. You know, those sultry days with the hottest summer temperatures. The name “dog star” comes from the ancient Egyptians who called Sirius, the Dog Star, after their god, Osiris. His head in pictograms resembles that of a...

County health officials: avoid the ER unless seriously ill

covid schools
SANTA CRUZ COUNTY—Santa Cruz County public health officials are asking that anyone with asymptomatic or mild coronavirus cases—or other non-serious illnesses—stay home and avoid unnecessary trips to already burdened hospital emergency departments. The county also renewed its call for everyone eligible to get vaccinated or...

Skypark set for needed facelift, could be open within weeks

Skypark scotts valley
It’s the place President George H. W. Bush landed in Marine One after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, but it’s been largely closed over the past year. But now, renovations have begun at Skypark, Scotts Valley’s main community green space, used for organized sports, family...

Vets Village Gets $6.4M Grant From Homekey

Ben Lomond Veterans Village
Two years ago the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) established Project Roomkey in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea behind the program was simple but important: protect people experiencing homelessness from coronavirus. The success of that program led to the development of...

SLVUSD Will Explore Full-Day Kindergarten

Chris Schiermeyer
After parents advocated for full-day kindergarten at consecutive school board meetings, the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District said it was willing to explore the idea. Dylan Fetzer, a Ben Lomond resident who has a boy entering transitional kindergarten (TK) next year, says it’s something...

Roadside clearing begins on local roads in Felton, Ben Lomond

The County of Santa Cruz Department of Community Development and Infrastructure has announced that the 2023 Pavement Management Project is continuing.  Local roads listed below are scheduled for roadside clearing and dig-out from Monday, July 10, through Friday, July 21: Felton: Cooper Street, Clearview Place, Blair...

Lawsuit continues over SVUSD pandemic policies

On April 12, Scotts Valley Unified School District Superintendent Tanya Krause shared, in a message to the community, her “surprise” that President Joe Biden had terminated the Covid-19 emergency a month early. That meant the District would now discontinue free in-school coronavirus testing, she announced,...

Evacuations ordered

County officials warn of debris flows and high winds SANTA CRUZ COUNTY—Cal Fire CZU announced Monday morning that many evacuation warnings were updated to orders for swaths of the San Lorenzo Valley, including most of Boulder Creek and various areas of Ben Lomond and Felton...

Company to streamline rebuilding permitting process for CZU victims

CZU August Lightning Complex
SANTA CRUZ COUNTY—Santa Cruz County will hire a company to handle the permitting process for residents rebuilding homes damaged or destroyed in the CZU August Lightning Complex fires.  The County Board of Supervisors Tuesday unanimously approved the plan to hire Pleasanton-based engineering firm 4Leaf, Inc....



News Briefs | Published Dec. 8, 2023

Highway 35 near Bear Creek Road reopens to through traffic Highway 35 near Bear Creek Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains has reopened under one-way...