Do you need Personal Protective Equipment for protection from Coronavirus? Are you making masks, face shields or other protective equipment? Get what you need, or share what you make with those who need it. Visit our local Coordination Hubs for personal protective gear.
Local companies and volunteers are making and distributing personal protective equipment to people in need. Two systems are up and running to take orders, coordinate production and make deliveries. People who need or make gear may sign up at both. If you receive gear, be sure to update both sites so the coordinators know the need has been met.
Help our friends, neighbors and loved ones on the front lines.
Family Physicians and Makers created this site, PPE for the Central Coast, which also has excellent designs for sewn cloth face masks:
Santa Cruz County Health established this site:
Thank you!
Bryan Largay, Felton
My name is Levi. I believe pangolins should not be poached for a few reasons.
First, people poach pangolins for their meat! That is not a good idea because scientists think that eating pangolin meat could cause another Corona-virus and they also think eating pangolin meat might have caused this Corona-virus.
Second, people also poach pangolins for their scales which are made of keratin, and dry them then grind them into a powder. Which is turned into a pill. People do this because they think it can be used to treat illnesses. In real life it has no medicinal properties.
Third, pangolins are very cute and cuddly. How many pangolins have died due to smuggling? According to, ¨an estimated 1 million pangolins are believed to have been smuggled from 2000 to 2013, making them the world’s most trafficked animals.¨
You can help by raising and donating money to save pangolins and to make fundraisers. People can also donate money to People can also help by making a law that is against poaching and making sure that people enforce that law.
Stopping poaching pangolins is important, and I hope you agree!
 Levi Sullivan, Felton
At this time of uncertainty, it is hard to know how to help and where our efforts should be directed to be most effective.  
 You can help by paying your water bill promptly.  If you have the means, give what you can to Valley Churches United and ask that your donation be used to pay water bills for neighbors in need.
 Our local water district (San Lorenzo Valley Water District) supplies the water critical to our survival and has increased expenses right now.
 First, the district is absorbing the cost of supplying water to rate payers who are having difficulty paying their water bills (by temporarily suspending turn-offs for non payment) during this crisis, and most of us are staying home to avoid spreading the virus, keeping them healthy and all of us safe.  In addition, the Water District’s Board of Directors will soon consider a new proposal by the Friends of SLV Water to provide subsidies for low-income ratepayers. 
 Second, the Water District is paying for generators to keep the pumps running during power outages.  When fire danger is high again, we will still need the water to flow.
 We sometimes take for granted that we have clean water to drink and wash our hands.   Now we are acutely aware that the best way to fight the virus is to wash our hands with soap and water and stay home.  
 If you do not have the means to help financially, please express to the Board and staff of SLVWD your appreciation for their service.  They are on the front lines in the effort to keep the rest of us safe in our homes.
Cynthia Dzendzel, Felton

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