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January 19, 2021

Opinion, September 18th

Driving over the Granite Creek Overpass is a wonderful, heartfelt, and mostly handmade display of thanks for all the responders and volunteers during the recent wildfires. Imagine the dismay of noting on both sides of the overpass, blatant advertising in the guise of thanks. In large letters is the business name and information, which is repeated and sandwiched in significantly smaller letters is a message of thanks. Advertising is advertising. I feel this significantly diminishes the value and passion we in Scotts Valley and all of
Santa Cruz County feel towards all who have been of assistance. Please, take down the advertising- it is disrespectful. It is embarrassing to your business.
Suzy Canning, Scotts Valley
Dear editor,
As a voter in Aptos, I feel confident about my ability to vote safely and securely in the upcoming elections. However, many people in this country can’t say the same. US has a history of disenfranchising voters and it is very concerning to me that, given the current situation, our Congress and Senate don’t do more to help the states to prepare for the elections. Experts estimate we need at least 4 billion dollars to remedy this. Every voter needs safe options to vote by mail, early and on election day. Instead, very little has been done so far and the USPS are being sabotaged. Congress must pass addition funding to make sure November elections are inclusive and fair. Congress must provide 4 billion in emergency funding for elections.
Natalie Beebe, Aptos
 How do you say thank you to someone you don’t even know and probably will never meet and wouldn’t recognize if you walked by them on the street? How do you say thank you to the individuals who never gave up, dug in their heels and saved so many homes, businesses, churches and schools?
We owe the volunteer firefighters of; Ben Lomand, Boulder Creek, Zayante, Felton & Bonny Doon, our thanks, gratitude and unending support as we move through the next stages of having survived a massive wildland fire in our SC mountains.
Firefighters gave so many of the residents of our Santa Cruz Mountains a home to return to. This is THE FIRE we have ALL worried about for so many years. And yes, we lost a devastating number of homes, but oh, it could have been so much worse. I believe we truly did come so very close to losing ALL of our SLV towns.
It was our five volunteer fire depts., together with CalFire who worked through the fire, smoke, heat and exhaustion to save our mountains and homes!
Now in the aftermath of this horrific fire there are different people & businesses reaching out to support the fires depts. And all of us in so many ways. Offers of Fresh ate, meals, clothing, housing, pet care and Mental health services, just to name a few.  Daily I see new signs thanking the firefighters, sheriff and first responders. Let us also thank all of our neighbors and strangers who are also offering their support.
Many have lost their homes, most of us were displaced for several days, but we are all survivors!
So as we process the devastating event that has touched all our lives, as we continue our daily mountain life in our communities, I hope we can all take a moment to thank all those who are helping to keep us Santa Cruz Mountain Strong!
 R. Kruse, Ben Lomond