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Scotts Valley
July 24, 2024

Immel, Brooks tie the knot

Jeremy Immel, son of Andy and Cathy Immel of Boulder Creek, and Demerris Brooks, daughter of Dennis and Rebecca Donaldson of San Jose, were married April 19 on Kauai, Hawaii.

Plenty of choices for a white-flowering garden

Gardens are living things that change over time.

Water’s warming up, which means good fishing

Fishing in Monterey Bay is starting to pick up as sea temperatures rise and fish move toward shore. As spring turns to summer, fishing is getting better — rockfish are more active, and halibut are moving closer to shore. Schools of baitfish also are becoming more frequent along the inshore areas.

Locals prepare for battle

With rifles cracking and cannons firing, Roaring Camp Railroads will host its 28th annual Civil War re-enactment on Memorial Day weekend.

Exercise benefits — no excuses

The benefits of exercise are no longer theoretical. All recent studies concerning exercise and its effect on people conclusively state that exercise will help most people live longer and healthier lives. Whether you are young or old, overweight or underweight, or even if you have a disability, exercise will benefit you.

Making your garden ‘sustainable’

We all want to do the right thing for the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and becoming good stewards of the land. So we should build our landscapes with green products and incorporate sustainable practices in the garden.

Protect yourself from the summer sun

Summer, with its bright days and warm weather that encourages outside play, is prime time for sun damage — but it’s not the only time you can be hurt by our solar system’s star.

A holiday with meaning

Hard to believe but true — the Memorial Day weekend is just a week away. Although most schools are still in session and it’s still officially spring, for many Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer.

Good grapes need a little tough love

For most agricultural endeavors, a farmer looks for the richest and healthiest soil one can find. Typically, you want good soil because it helps grow your vegetables and keep them from struggling or dying.

Trout season makes welcome return

The third Saturday in April has been a date that marks the spring opening for trout season for decades. But with more privately owned lakes, there is less water regulated by the state and more areas that do not rely on the traditional opening day. The communities that do rely on opening day have been anticipating the opener and have increased stocking programs and set up derbies to bring more visitors.



Santa Cruz Mountains wildfire quelled quickly

A fire that grew to a half-acre in the Santa Cruz Mountains was extinguished quickly Friday morning before it could threaten the nearby communities...