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May 25, 2022

More Resources Coming to San Lorenzo Valley

bruce mcpherson
Due to a surge in Covid-19 infections brought on by the delta variant of the virus this summer, there will now be a mobile testing site based in Felton through a partnership with Mountain Community Resources. The Community Bridges program, located at 6134 Highway...

My Traveling Shoes

colly gruzcelak
Taking my traveling shoes down from the top shelf of my closet, I was surprised to find almost two years of dust had collected on their shiny beaded tops. These shoes have walked me through airport, ship and train terminals for almost 10 years....

Battling invasive plants and diseases

the mountain gardener
I have a nice Improved Meyer Lemon tree where I live. Because of water restrictions by the Big Basin Water Company, it doesn’t get as much irrigation as I’d like but it still looks pretty good and has quite a few ripening lemons on...

Race Thru the Redwoods returns

Race Through The Redwoods
August of 2013 is when Bernardo Tapia and Sarah Meyer Tapia found love beneath the redwoods. They had been friends for a while, but both competed in the Race Thru the Redwoods that day, and after each of them won in their division, Meyer...

Think Local First

Last year challenged us, not just globally and nationally, but, especially, locally. We know what happened here with the businesses shutting down and stay-at-home demands. Compounded by our local fires, we witnessed firsthand how small local towns band together and support their own. I...

The dog days of summer are here

The Mountain Gardener
They’re called the dog days of summer. You know, those sultry days with the hottest summer temperatures. The name “dog star” comes from the ancient Egyptians who called Sirius, the Dog Star, after their god, Osiris. His head in pictograms resembles that of a...

How plants survive through the heat

the mountain gardener
What happens to a plant when the thermometer tops 100 degrees? Planning for more hot weather this summer is a requirement for a successful garden. Are there some plants that can survive tough times more easily? Photosynthesis is one of the most remarkable biochemical processes...

Getting out of your comfort zone

ashley lamorte
Let’s get out of our comfort zone when training. Many of us associate training as a chore or we need motivation to workout. Many of us stay in our comfort zone because it’s where we feel safe. Living in our comfort zone helps us...

County Fair plans full return in September

santa cruz county fair
Organizers for the Santa Cruz County Fair say they are preparing for a complete in-person return of the annual event in September. Carnival rides, livestock shows, floriculture, arts and crafts, the Agricultural History Project, food booths, the pumpkin contest and the apple pie contest—they’re all...

Local quilt group has donated 1,000 covers to fire-impacted families

CZU Lightning Fire Quilts
Firefighters throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains were blanketed in surprise on June 29 when three women showed up with a number of free, hand-made quilts. Almost 80 firefighters from the Boulder Creek, Felton, Zayante and Ben Lomond fire protection districts received the gifts, which were...


Redwood Faire

Redwood Mountain Faire returns to Roaring Camp

Hallie Greene knows what it takes to bring a community together. From her work as the district manager of the Boulder Creek Recreation and...