Pictured from L to R are DJ's Andy Boswell, Mr Reyna, Matt Slayershoes, and Dee Friended with Station Manager Tina Davey and DJ's Stir-Fry and Samtheram.

Radio station manager Tina Davey never imagined she would have the funds to build a new antenna, needed desperately in order to service the whole valley. But during KBCZ’s last pledge drive a few weeks ago several generous donations from the community and an anonymous donor who gave $8,000 helped reach the goal.
“I feel very humbled and driven to continue expanding this radio station,” Davey said. “It showed so much heart from the community.”
Davey has been with the station since the start. In 2013, the radio license for 90.1 FM became available, after being silent for years. According to Davey, the Boulder Creek Rec and Park District purchased the license after enough community support was generated.
In the summer of 2016, KBCZ’s first broadcasts began. But it wasn’t until 2017, when the station was able to move out of a closet space at BCRP to its current location next to Boulder Creek Pizza in downtown Boulder Creek that it really started to take off.
The license purchased by BCRP is a NCE license, meaning the station must provide a combination of talk radio along with music. Currently, KBCZ hosts talk shows on pet talk, mediation sessions and a “good news” hour, but Davey is always looking for new show ideas. Anyone in the community can sign up to host a weekly show, music or talk, after completing three training sessions with Davey.
“Everyone in here plays a real record, a real mp3, a real CD,” Davey said. “All our DJs can pick what they want to play. Most people once they start a show, are hooked.”
During the last pledge drive in April, Davey set an ambitious goal of raising $10,000 dollars to go towards the new antenna. The old, currently used antenna, limits the radio station to only serve most of Boulder Creek and parts of Ben Lomond. With the new antenna working, the station will be able to be heard throughout the San Lorenzo Valley.   
According to Davey, during the pledge drive, kids would stop by and donate 25 cents or a dollar, “It was super sweet.” But what Davey was not expecting was a local resident to write a check matching what the station still needed to invest in the new antenna, estimated to cost $12,000.
With the funds secured, Davey said the new antenna will be up this summer. Davey said the San Lorenzo Valley Water District agreed to let the station install their antenna next to one of their tanks. Volunteers will help build the antenna and the structure surrounding it that will house the transmitter and backup transmitter.
The new antenna will be named the “Rob Menzies Tower”, after a former employee of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District whose dream it was to have a local radio station.
Menzies passed away a few years ago, but Davey wanted to honor him in some way.
The importance of having a local radio station is not lost on Davey. During the Bear Creek Fire in 2017, KBCZ played a vital role in getting out updated information to the community and surrounding areas.
“People wanted to know what was going on and they were tuning in to us,” Davey said. “We had never done a breaking news situation before—but we proved our worth.”
This past weekend, KBCZ hosted another donation based drive at the Bear Creek Country Club. The “Funkin’ Good Time” all age dance party was at first intended to help continue to fundraise for the costs of the antenna, but with that goal reached, Davey said funds will go towards regular operation costs for the station.
“Our niche is local flavor,” Davey said. “It is by local people and you hear local voices. That is what we love best and what we will continue.”

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