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A community roundtable is held with local leaders and residents to discuss the expansion of broadband and cellular service in Boulder Creek. (Contributed)

U.S. Rep. Jimmy Panetta, in collaboration with the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership, recently convened a community roundtable on the expansion of broadband and cellular service in Boulder Creek.

This was the second such dialogue Panetta has hosted with local leaders and residents as he works to secure widespread, reliable broadband and cellular service throughout California’s 19th Congressional District.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act invested $42.45 billion, with $1.86 billion to California, to support projects in unserved and underserved areas like Boulder Creek. The roundtable discussed ways for the partners at all levels to engage in the nationwide broadband build-out to ensure Boulder Creek, and areas like it, get the infrastructure they need.

“The historic build-out of broadband infrastructure across the country requires active engagement from our community to ensure its success,” Panetta said. “In collaborating with the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership to convene informative roundtables, we want to make sure that our community is united and ready to advocate strongly for reliable and reasonable broadband and cellular service. We want to continue to build our partnership at every level with local businesses and community leaders so that California’s 19th Congressional District leads the way for this transformative investment.”

“Access to reliable and affordable internet has become a critical necessity impacting education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, yet too many disparities persist,” added Monterey Bay Economic Partnership President and CEO Tahra Goraya. “Investing in broadband infrastructure, fostering public-private partnerships, and expanding last-mile connectivity are essential steps toward closing the digital divide in our rural communities and across the Monterey Bay region.”

The Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) Program is currently being implemented in California by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Residents of Boulder Creek and California’s 19th Congressional District are encouraged to review broadband maps developed by the Federal Communications Commission to ensure accuracy and better target broadband infrastructure improvement efforts.

To view a location and national maps visit If the map is inaccurate and identifies a location as served despite lacking broadband access, let Panetta’s office know by visiting

“The California Public Utilities Commission appreciates Rep. Panetta and his office for allowing us to share important information about the $1.86 billion of federal funding that California was allocated for last-mile broadband programs,” said Jonathan Lakritz, program manager at the CPUC.

The roundtable brought together a select group of local business and community leaders, representatives from state elected offices, county government officials, area-serving ISPs, as well as state and federal broadband offices for a discussion and forum on broadband infrastructure and connectivity in the area.

“Improving broadband services for the Boulder Creek community is a primary goal for the BCBA,” said Boulder Creek Business Association President Karen Edwards. “When the opportunity arose to work with Congressman Panetta and MBEP on finding a solution to these issues, we were thrilled. Being able to bring together the wide array of organizations as well as many community leaders in order to discuss a path toward a solution is an encouraging step. We look forward to continuing the conversation and to the next steps in making reliable uninterrupted connectivity a reality for everyone in the community.”

Residents can sign up for updates from CPUC on continued work to expand broadband access in Boulder Creek by visiting

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