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January 24, 2022

Scotts Valley football sweeps top honors in SCCAL’s B Division

SCOTTS VALLEY—This year’s football season was supposed to be somewhat of a learning experience for Isaiah Velez, who came in as the backup running back for Scotts Valley High.  

Instead, he was inserted into the starting lineup during the season opener against St. Francis High after starting tailback Shane Williams went down with an ankle injury.   

The junior running back rushed for 971 yards and tallied 11 touchdowns. His performance on the defensive side was just as impressive, notching four interceptions including one he returned for a touchdown against San Lorenzo Valley High.

For his efforts, Velez was named this year’s Most Valuable Player in the “B” Division of the Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League.  

Scotts Valley coach Louie Walters described Velez as a quiet warrior.
“Good things happen to people that work hard and he’s a perfect example,” Walters said. 

The Falcons finished the season undefeated with a 6-0 overall record and they went 4-0 in the league’s B Division. As a result, they swept the special honors within the division, including Velez’s MVP award. 

Walters said the season was a roller coaster, partly because the players didn’t know if they were going to play or not because of the pandemic. But they managed to stick together from August until the season began.  

“It’s attributed to the brotherhood that they had, that’s for sure,” he said. “I’m just happy they got a season in.”

The Falcons finished ahead of San Lorenzo Valley (3-2, 3-1), St. Francis (2-4, 2-2), Pajaro Valley (1-4, 1-3) and Harbor (0-5, 0-4).

Brock Siechen was named Offensive Player of the Year after the junior wide receiver racked up 920 all-purpose yards and eight touchdowns. He also had four interceptions on the defensive side.

“He’s probably the most exciting football player we’ve ever had and we’ve had some good ones at Scotts Valley,” Walters said.

Nolan Smith, a junior, was named Defensive Player of the Year on a Falcons squad that posted three shutouts and held opponents to 7.3 points per game.

Walters described the 6-foot, 3-inch, 235 pound linebacker as a smart football player who is also a star in the classroom; he holds a 4.3 grade point average in school.

“He was the leader of our defense and he’s only a junior,” Walters said. 

Senior Andre Nice was named Lineman of the Year after he recorded a school-record 14 sacks for the Falcons. Walters said that Nice will likely play at Santa Barbara City College next season.

“He’s probably got the best motor I’ve ever seen,” Walters said. 

Walters was named Coach of the Year by his peers within the league. Yet, he attributes the success to his coaching staff and the players who make things happen on the field.

“It’s a testament of the kids buying into what I’m doing and the other coaches, too,” he said. 

2021 All-SCCAL Football – “B” Division

  • MVP: Isaiah Velez (Scotts Valley), Jr.
  • Offensive POY: Brock Siechen (Scotts Valley), Jr.
  • Defensive POY: Nolan Smith (Scotts Valley), Jr.
  • Lineman of the Year: Andre Nice (Scotts Valley), Sr.
  • Coach Of The Year: Louie Walters (Scotts Valley)



  • QB: Davin Avila (St Francis)
  • RB: Isaiah Velez (Scotts Valley)
  • RB: Brock Siechen (Scotts Valley)
  • RB: Brodie Brownlee (SLV)
  • RB: Isaac Ortiz (Pajaro Valley)
  • WR: Danny Carrillo (Harbor)
  • WR: Desmond Litel (St. Francis)
  • TE: Nolan Smith (Scotts Valley)
  • OL: Andre Nice (Scotts Valley)
  • OL: Matthew O’brien Rojo (Scotts Valley)
  • OL: Austyn Crispell (Scotts Valley)
  • OL: Carlton Keegan (Scotts Valley)
  • OL: Michael Lang (SLV)


  • DL: Andre Nice (Scotts Valley)
  • DL: Broderick Cusimano (SLV)
  • DL: Austyn Crispell (Scotts Valley)
  • DL: Jack McHatton (Scotts Valley)
  • LB: Nolan Smith (Scotts Valley)
  • LB: Johrdan Garibay (St. Francis)
  • LB: Nick Erickson (Scotts Valley)
  • LB: Ladis Silva (Pajaro Valley)
  • DB: Isaiah Velez (Scotts Valley)
  • DB: Brock Siechen (Scotts Valley)
  • DB: Charlie Valencia (St. Francis)
  • DB: Dylan Arroyo (SLV)



  • QB: Jaden Hunter (SLV)
  • RB: Martin Gonzalez (Pajaro Valley)
  • RB: Justin Sizemore (SLV)
  • WR: Michael Manley (SLV)
  • WR: Dylan Arroyo (SLV)
  • TE: Nick Erickson (Scotts Valley)
  • OL: Jack McHatton (Scotts Valley)
  • OL: Cooper Austin (SLV)
  • OL: Josh Alvarez (St. Francis)
  • OL: Leo Garcia (Pajaro Valley)
  • OL: Lucas Collins (SLV)


  • DL: Michael Lang (SLV)
  • DL: Noel Aquino (St. Francis)
  • DL: Carlton Keegan (Scotts Valley)
  • DL: Caleb Johnson (Harbor)
  • LB: Brodie Brownlee (SLV)
  • LB: Lucas Collins (SLV)
  • LB: Cooper Austin (SLV)
  • LB: Daniel Nava (Scotts Valley)
  • LB: Manny Rodriguez (Pajaro Valley)
  • DB: Caden Stratton (Scotts Valley)
  • DB: Garrett Lee (St. Francis)
  • DB: Alejandro Guzman (Harbor)
  • DB: Alan Bedolla (Pajaro Valley)


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