Alfred Hitchcock Festival
Four Hitchcock movies will be shown during this weekend’s second annual Alfred Hitchcock Festival. (Contributed)

Did you know that Scotts Valley is the home to an annual festival that honors the memory of the iconic director Alfred Hitchcock? Alfred Hitchcock had a home in Scotts Valley for many years. By most accounts, he is the area’s most famous resident.

The second annual Alfred Hitchcock Festival takes place this weekend at the Scotts Valley Cultural and Performing Arts Center in conjunction with March 12, which is National Alfred Hitchcock Day and with the Scotts Valley City Council’s proclamation of Alfred Hitchcock Week.  

The annual festival is produced by the Scotts Valley Community Theater Guild and serves as one of their major fundraisers. People from around the world and across the U.S. have been attracted to the Festival.

This year its organizers were even invited to attend a similar event on the Isle of Man. 

The Festival events this year include talks about Hitchcock and the Censors, Hitchcock’s early career in Great Britain, a fashion show, and a movie interview with a local resident who trained animals for Hitchcock’s movies.

The festival will open with a talk by local historian Jay Topping, who will interview Hitchcock’s granddaughter, Tere Carrubba. Four Hitchcock movies will be shown as well.

The Alfred Hitchcock Festival opens at 4pm on Friday, March 8, and closes at 2:30pm on Sunday, March 10. 

The entire schedule of events can be viewed at

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