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Scotts Valley Police offer holiday crime prevention tips

Scotts Valley Police Department is offering some advice to community members, as the region enters into the holiday season, to ensure everyone stays safe and enjoys this time of year.

“Please take the time and do your part to make the holidays safe for everyone,” police said in a news release.

Following are a few tips to help residents avoid becoming a victim of a crime:

Shopping Tips

  • Even when rushed, stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you, avoid shopping alone as there is safety in numbers.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and be careful with your purse and/or wallet while shopping.
  • When paying with credit cards, watch your card during transactions and regularly review your bank statements to ensure there are no fraudulent transactions.
  • Lock your car and roll up your windows. Lock your purchases in the trunk where they are not visible. Remove valuables when you get home and, again, lock your car.

Home Security Tips

  • Double check that you have locked your house and windows when you leave and each night.
  • Do not leave large purchases near windows or doors that could be visible to passersby.
  • Use automatic timers for exterior and interior lights as well as a tv or radio.
  • Have a trusted neighbor pick up newspapers or mail if you are headed out of town for the holidays. Consider notifying USPS to hold your mail while gone.
  • Notify SVPD that you will be out of town and request residential security checks. This is a free service that this department offers to residents.
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Staff Report
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