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September 28, 2021

Scotts Valley school group urges ‘yes’ vote in Tuesday election

The legislative action committee of Scotts Valley Unified School District has come out in favor of all six propositions on Tuesday’s election ballot.
“These are a set of propositions which all need to pass in order to restructure the budget so that we will not have to repeat the pink-slipping of thousands of teachers and further devastating cuts to education funding,” the committee said in a statement.
“We are past cutting the fat, past cutting the flesh, and the next set of cuts will cut to the very bone of education and will cripple the foundation of public education as we know it.”
The measures were placed on the ballot as part of the state Legislature’s budget-balancing negotiations. Lawmakers and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger say more cuts will have to occur if the propositions don’t pass, although polls show five of the six propositions are failing among likely voters.
The committee, composed of district trustees, parents and employees, said:

  • Propositions 1A and 1B “would help to ensure a steady and predictable budget.”
  • Proposition 1C “is needed to fill a $5 billion hole in today’s budget” and its failure “would create a whole new wave of cuts or new taxes.”
  • Proposition 1D wouldn’t hurt children’s programs because the First 5 program “has a healthy reserve.”
  • Proposition 1E “is necessary to ensure ongoing and future education funding.”
  • Proposition 1F, the only one gaining approval in the polls, would prevent legislators from gaining a pay raise in years a budget is in deficit.


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