Scotts Valley Council held its first regularly scheduled meeting of the year on Jan. 18, at which point members agreed to committee appointments. (Contributed)

During their first regularly scheduled meeting of the year on Jan. 18, Scotts Valley Council members handed out committee appointments for the upcoming year.

Mayor Jack Dilles prepared the list, which was included as part of the consent calendar, and it was approved unanimously. The move was significant because, during the recent election cycle, some observers and Council members said committee appointments had not been spread around fairly enough in the past.

Derek Timm will sit on the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments, with Dilles as the alternate.

Allan Timms, the Council newcomer, is Scotts Valley’s new Arts Council of Santa Cruz County Board of Directors representative.

The mayor sits on the City Selection Committee with Vice Mayor Randy Johnson as alternate.

Dilles and Timm will both sit on the City/School District Joint Committee.

Councilmember Donna Lind will represent the City on the Criminal Justice Council (she also serves on its Executive Committee), with Timms as alternate.

No member was appointed to the Hazardous Materials Advisory Commission, which meets bi-monthly in Capitola.

Both the mayor and vice mayor will sit on the Interagency Advisory Task Force Subcommittee.

Pamela Woll will represent Scotts Valley’s interests at the Library Advisory Commission, while City Manager Mali LaGoe is to show up for the community at the Library Facilities Financing Authority and the Library Joint Powers Authority, and Dilles and Johnson will be on the Library Financing Authority.

Timms or Public Works Director Chris Lam will represent the City at the Santa Cruz County Integrated Waste Management Local Task Force, while Johnson will do so at the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission, with Dilles as alternate. Timms will serve on the Santa Cruz County Youth Action Network Jurisdictional Representatives Team.

Lind will sit on Santa Cruz Metro. Dilles will serve on the Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency Joint Powers Authority with Timms as alternate. Timms will also serve on the Seniors Advisory Council.

Lind and Johnson will be on the Traffic Safety Committee, which reviews and analyzes concerns raised by residents about local transportation issues.

Dilles and Timms will be on the Economic Development Committee. Dilles and Timm will be on the Affordable Housing Committee as well as the General Plan Advisory Committee.

Johnson and Timms will be on the Town Center Opportunity Subcommittee. Dilles and Johnson will be on the Budget Subcommittee. Dilles and Timm will be on the CalPERS Pension Cost Management Subcommittee.

The mayor will represent Scotts Valley at the League of California Cities. Timm will be the liaison for the Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting ended with no action items after the consent calendar.

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