The Art, Wine & Beer Festival on Sunday, Aug. 20, invites dog lovers to bring their pets to partake in the fun at Sky Park in Scotts Valley. (Contributed)

Uniting a community in colorful celebration is no small task.

It takes a community of hard workers, creative spirits and fun-seeking individuals to weave the tapestry of the upcoming Art, Wine & Beer Festival in Scotts Valley. For years, this event has brought families, dog lovers, art and wine connoisseurs and cops and rodders together for a weekend of lively conversation, music and dance and playful camaraderie.

It takes hundreds of people, organizations and businesses to make this happen. Organized by the Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce, this festival stands tall on the shoulders of 25-plus business sponsors, 130-plus volunteers, 130-plus artists, 13 local wineries, 11 breweries, 15-plus nonprofit organizations and 15-plus businesses on their merchant rows, along with 20 food vendors.

This festival has earned its place as the Best of Best in the state (according to many).

The festivities begin on Aug. 19, from 10am to 6pm, at Sky Park on 361 Kings Village Road, Scotts Valley, under the open sky, where creativity, artistry and flavors will come alive, beckoning the hearts of everyone who joins the jubilation.

1. Color Splash Fiesta

The festival starts with a burst of colors as artists set up their booths in vibrant hues. The art alley showcases the works of talented local artists and where their creative masterpieces can be purchased and displayed in your homes.

2. Cheers to Friendship

Wine and beer enthusiasts unite in the spirit of friendship and conviviality. With 13 local wineries and 11 breweries participating, connoisseurs and newcomers can savor the finest flavors, swirling and sipping in a dance of taste and aroma. And many will enjoy the refreshing mimosas and margaritas underneath the sky as visitors roam throughout the day’s events.

3. Cops n’ Rodders Rendezvous

Saturday, Aug. 19, brings a special treat for hot rod enthusiasts with the Cops n’ Rodders event. Imagine these classic cars’ engines roaring like thunder. The Scotts Valley Peace Officers Association Charitable Foundation organizes and puts on this annual affair. Register at

4. Paws and Play

On Sunday, Aug. 20, starting at 11am, we celebrate our furry friends, inviting dog lovers to bring their pets (leashed, of course!) to partake in the fun. Canine companions prance around in delightful costumes, and contests like “Best Trick,” “Best Costume” and “Look-a-like” brings out the hidden talents of our four-legged friends. Don’t miss the K-9 demonstration in the afternoon. Be sure to register at

5. Rhythm in the Air

Live music fills the air with melodies that resonate deep within the soul. Dance on the floor of the outdoors and watch liberated spirits, celebrating life and unity through movement.

6. Kid’s Wonderland

The Fun Zone at the festival is a paradise for the little ones. Laughter echoes, and parents watch with contented smiles as their children explore the magic of wonder and imagination. An event where both children and adults can play!

The heart and soul of this incredible gathering lie in the unity of a community that cherishes creativity, art, companionship, tasty food and good times. As the sun sets on the festival’s second day, a sense of fulfillment and camaraderie that will linger long after the last visitor leaves.

Local businesses and nonprofit organizations stand shoulder to shoulder, showcasing their dedication to the community and its well-being.

So, mark your calendars, for the Art, Wine & Beer Festival awaits Aug. 19-20; Free admission.

And, to all the volunteers that make this possible, THANK YOU!

Janet Janssen is a Life in Business coach for leadership and work-life balance. She is also a board member of Leadership Santa Cruz County and distinguished Toastmaster. Contact her at [email protected] or 831-335-0553.

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Janet Janssen is a Life in Business and Speaking Coach, Leadership Santa Cruz County board member, local Chamber member and Distinguished speaker with Toastmasters International. She provides individual and team-building workshops in leadership and public speaking. Currently, she is a volunteer coach for April’s TEDx Santa Cruz. Contact her at


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