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August 12, 2022

The New Zealand flag incident

As a new resident in Scotts Valley, I just wanted to share a recent experience that I had and hopefully will get a response from your readers.
We are originally from the United Kingdom but immigrated to New Zealand. We all immediately fell in love with the country and feel it will always be our home. My husband works for an American IT company, and we have moved to the U.S., where we have lived for the past 18 months.
After some searching, my husband decided that Scotts Valley would be a great place for the family to spend our time in the U.S. Very quickly, we have met some really lovely people — almost everyone has said “welcome to America,” and we have found the city to be clean, jolly and a great base for us to explore California.
Americans are justifiably very patriotic, and many homes fly the U.S. flag. One of my young sons wanted to know if we could hang a New Zealand flag, as he is very proud of where we have come from. So, we got a New Zealand flag, put it out front and within a day I had a note in the mailbox.
This note said: “But but this is USA not Australia. Your flag’s an insult. Go fly it where it belongs! Not here! Go home if you don’t like USA.”
Naturally, I was shocked and took the flag down.
My son is now asking why we can’t hang the New Zealand flag — he said that he is proud of it, just as Americans are proud of their flag. I mentioned the incident to a few friends at the school (Vine Hill is a great school, by the way) and they were horrified. One friend apologized on the anonymous letter-writer’s behalf.
And so I want to know whether I should hang the flag? What do you think?
Liz Bloch, Scotts Valley



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