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August 11, 2022

The Next Generation of Leadership

“The Covid-19 pandemic fundamentally changed our relationships between work and family life as well as institutions, health care, government and employers—not to mention the traditional approaches in how we manage our performances in business.”

Now, many companies are seeking ways to retain employees. Productive supervision and leadership in any business environment are vital to the lifespan of that business. And leadership training remains one of the top sought-after skills in companies to this day.

Best leadership resource 

I interviewed two leaders in our community, Scott Johnson, the director of Community & Contract Education at Cabrillo College, and Jennifer Mount, the lead trainer at the Supervision & Leadership Academy in the Cabrillo College Extension program.

The next generation of emerging leaders is vital for any upstart or longstanding business. According to many studies, the top reasons people stay employed are respect, appreciation and a sense of team belonging. The Supervision Academy has served individuals and businesses teams for more than 10 years. Their 12-week modules run from March 1-May 26, offering in-person or virtual sessions with individual module listings. 

Questions are welcome: extension.cabrillo.edu or 831-479-6331.


“We keep these curriculum programs fresh,” Johnson said. “Both academies offer customized programs that meet the needs unique to that business environment and culture. We listened to the community and discovered we could refine these programs to be relevant and meet current business trends.”

I learned that these programs offer one-on-one communication skills, break-out exercises in an environment of safety where the students can interact with one another in problem-solving activities. Students discover whether they come from a city or government institution, manufacturing, agricultural, large corporate industries, nonprofit or an individual seeking to develop stronger team camaraderie, they are people with the same type of joint issues and conflicts.

“We offer fundamental principles in the workplace, no matter the kind of organization. They learn how to communicate better, create engaging interactions in how to collaborate better with one another,” Mount said.

Reading their program brochure about the academies, they focus on leadership development. 

“Companies may send in their teams or individuals who represent their team’s work environment, and this weekly process results in them taking back what they learn to their organization, that has resulted in creating these customized programs, as well,” said Jennifer. 

Emotional Intelligence 

Both Johnson and Mount are highly motivated and enthusiastic about their work. And they “believe teaching best practices, similar languages, and leadership proficiency is how we will make things better in business and life. When you think about leadership and teaching professional development, it is crucial for day-to-day operation, and also offers long-term benefits,” Mount said.

She added: “These programs offer practices and emotional intelligence that builds character to become your best self, and by becoming your best self, you bring your best to the organization, positivity into your role and to the team.”

Janet Janssen is a coach & trainer specializing in helping business owners and their teams increase their sales and customer services skills and helps improve public speaking and presentations. Contact her at [email protected] or 831-335-0553.



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