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Local Water, Local Control

The people of San Lorenzo Valley who want to maintain local control of our water should vote to reelect Bob Fultz to the Board of the SLV Water District. During the recent attempt to merge with the Scott’s Valley Water District, Director Fultz strongly advocated to keep local control of our water. You can trust Bob to continue that commitment, I do.

Bob Fultz was a San Lorenzo Valley School Board Trustee from 2002-06 and also served on the Water District Administrative Committee from 2016-18. He is the longest serving Director on the Water District Board and his experience will continue to benefit our water district.

Vote for Bob Fultz SLVWD.

Rick Moran, Former SLVWD Board Member

People Like Smolley Make a Difference in our Community

After 30-plus years of hard work and dedication to his professional career as a Construction Manager focused on large scale infrastructure projects as well as being a licensed Professional Geologist in the environmental industry, we are very fortunate as a community to have Mark Smolley on the SLV Water District Board. 

Given the Herculean challenges of rebuilding after the CZU fire, protecting our water resources and making our rural water system more resilient for the long term, we need to keep Smolley on the board for the next four years to help navigate the complex decisions the water district faces every day. Smolley began volunteering his time and experience to our community as a member of the SLVWD Engineering Committee and in 2020 he was appointed as member of the Board of Directors. His deep experience in the construction and environmental fields provided a unique perspective to our water district while establishing a credible, positive foundation for his collaboration with his fellow board members and the water district team. 

The San Lorenzo Valley Water District and our community needs experienced leaders like Mark Smolley. Please join me in supporting him to remain on the Board of Directors for the next four years. 

Mark Hansen, Felton

Vote for Fultz

I’m voting for Bob Fultz. Why? Because Director Fultz is focused on spending our money wisely by reducing rising operating costs in the SLV Water District. He will continue to support the Glyphosate ban and he doesn’t believe in merging with Scotts Valley Water. He believes in Local Control of our Local Water. In the next rate increase proposal, coming soon, he will promote complete transparency on how the ratepayers money will be spent—unlike the last two. Importantly, Bob Fultz is against using eminent domain for acquiring land—the Board recently passed and directed staff to research the process for acquiring land.

Chris Moore, Ben Lomond

Fultz for SLVWD Board

I encourage readers to vote for Bob Fultz for San Lorenzo Valley Water District Director.

Continue Bob’s commitment to insuring safe, clean, reliable drinking water and transparent governance. Bob Fultz has served our community since 2018 as a Director. The district has faced a myriad of challenges over recent times including political instability, financial challenge, critical infrastructure planning and most notably the impacts of the CZU Fire. Throughout his tenure Bob Fultz is a needed voice on the Board and continues to be a positive, thoughtful and centered influence on the Board of Directors and its decision-making process.

Every elected Board of Special Districts benefits from diversity, experience, collaboration and is successful when the collective talents come together to innovate and find solutions. Not everyone needs to be a scientist or contractor to be effective on the Board. Bob brings critical experience to the Board with engineering degrees and an MBA and most notably a deep skill set recognizing best practices in financial management.

Director Fultz is focused on transparency in both Water District operations and most importantly in District Finance. I appreciate hearing the news, both good and bad in a direct and straightforward approach and I have found Bob to be direct, thoroughly knowledgeable and committed to the future of SLVWD.

Jeff Maxwell, Felton

Vote for Fultz SLV Water Board 

I am writing in support of Bob Fultz for SLV Water Board. I have known Bob for 20 years now. I first met him when he was on the SLV School Board advocating for music and arts education and working hard to keep funds fairly allocated to all student programs. It’s his tenacity to be equitable that got me behind him when he decided to run for the SLV Water Board four years ago.

Bob holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and has used his financial expertise to fiscally plan for needed infrastructure, CZU Fire repairs, and to always consider the ratepayer when discussing the budget. I like the direction the SLV Water District has been going in since Bob was elected to the board in 2018. A vote for Bob Fultz is a vote to continue the work he has helped to put in motion for a water district we can rely on and trust.

Beth Hollenbeck, Felton

Levine is the Right Choice

Gail Levine has worked in public education for 42 years. She was a principal at Branciforte Elementary School, and an assistant principal at Soquel High School and Santa Cruz High School. She worked as a supervisor at the Santa Clara County Office of Education and was the Superintendent/Principal at Bonny Doon Elementary. Gail has served on the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees since 2018.

Gail has extensive knowledge regarding the public school system and the specific needs of San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District. As a life-long education professional, her perspective and experience are invaluable to the Board of Trustees. I have two children and other family members attending schools in the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District. I trust Gail to advocate for my family and all children in the district. Gail has dedicated decades of her life to public education and I am honored that Gail wants to serve our public schools for a third term.

Gina Borasi, Felton

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