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It’s clear that storm fatigue is a real thing. From overhearing conversations in the grocery store line to hearing folks express gratitude for their good luck, or even finding silver linings in their misfortunes, it seems like everyone is feeling the effects of these tumultuous times. But lately, the phrase, “I am over it,” seems to be on everyone’s lips, and I can certainly relate.

Just last week, as the Santa Cruz Press Banner reported on the aftermath of the latest rainstorm, I found myself amongst the 17,000 PG&E customers who were without power. The chaos of downed trees and wires that had been rendered useless as a result of the storm only added to the frustration. Even with a generator, I was left without internet access, which was incredibly irritating.

Despite my initial annoyance, however, I quickly shifted my focus to gratitude. Instead of dwelling on the inconvenience, I wanted to take a moment to thank the businesses that helped me stay afloat during this trying time. Maintaining a positive mental attitude (PMA) is crucial, and focusing on the helpers can help us regain perspective.


One of the businesses that deserves recognition is Maalia Wilbur’s Therapy Works, SV. Her column in the PB has been a source of comfort and guidance for many of us during these challenging times. In April 2020, I wrote an article about HeartMath, in Boulder Creek, a system of tools that can help reduce stress and build resilience. In times like these, mental health support is more important than ever, and I am grateful we have local resources like them.

Of course, there are many other businesses that have made a big difference as well. Especially for me during this last storm. Mountain Roasting Company in Felton is a fantastic spot for getting work done, with amazing coffee and treats from Kelly’s bakery. Satellite Workplace in Felton offers private cubicles where I held my webinars with top-notch sound protection and lighting, with other types of business workspaces available too.

But, the real-life saver for me was the Felton Library, with a friendly staff and access to computers and printers. As a member of the Women’s Business Network-SLV, we held meetings there and at Rocky’s Café. We are finding that in-person networking is so needed for quality communication and fun exchanges from creative recipe ideas to deeper discussions about marketing tools and ChatGPT.

In fact, on April 12, WBN-SLV speaker will be Susan O’Connor from Tam Communications & Think Local First Radio at the Felton Library. You can follow them on Facebook @womensbusinessnetworkslv.

I’m grateful for the sense of community these businesses and groups provide, and it’s clear that we wouldn’t be able to weather the storms without them.


In the end, it all comes down to resilience. Our community is made up of tough, dedicated people who are working hard to keep their homes and businesses secure. We’re fortunate to have so many local businesses, associations and government workers who are willing to go above and beyond to help us get through these difficult times.

As someone who lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I can attest to the fact that there’s something truly special about this place. I am grateful for all the businesses in our valley that help make it so.

And to everyone in our community, let’s continue to support each other and keep moving forward with a positive mental attitude. Together, we can weather the storm.

Janet Janssen is a Life in Business coach, public speaker and leadership trainer. Contact her at [email protected] or visit janetjanssen.com.

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Janet Janssen is a Life in Business and Speaking Coach, Leadership Santa Cruz County board member, local Chamber member and Distinguished speaker with Toastmasters International. She provides individual and team-building workshops in leadership and public speaking. Currently, she is a volunteer coach for April’s TEDx Santa Cruz. Contact her at janetjanssen.com.


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