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April 20, 2024
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April in the Garden

Spring might have officially started mid-March but judging from the wonky weather it was hard to tell. We did experience a “Miracle March” complete with a pretty good dose of needed rainfall along with some very cold weather. You never know what to expect in March around here.

Plain Talk about Food: You mean Pork is Pig?

It was Easter oh so many years ago when my son Kim was 8 years old that he discovered yet another one of life’s reality lessons, ‘there is no cure for the facts of life.’

Grow flowering Dogwoods

A couple weeks ago in a column about allergy free landscaping, I mentioned dogwood being a good tree choice as their pollen is not wind borne. Their showy flowers are pollinated by insects rather than by the wind. Producing less pollen, their pollen is large and heavy, sticking to insects rather than becoming airborne and leading to sneezing, runny noses and watery eyes. With dogwoods about to burst into bloom I thought I’d share some information about growing this iconic tree.

Heart healthy eggs: the experts weigh in

Eggs are on my list of perfect foods. They are packed with protein and nutrients, quick to cook and delicious. Purchasing high quality eggs is essential for getting the most nutrition possible. Labels can be confusing, but it simply comes down to understanding the life of the hen. In short, you want to purchase "pastured" eggs. I'll explain... 

Boulder Creek Roadside Cafe, new look but big success

After being displaced by fire in its original location three years ago, the Boulder Creek Roadside Café has been resurrected just a few miles north from downtown.

Link body & mind, think before you eat

Mindful eating is being present with your food, enjoying every bite, and listening to your body. Being mindful before, during, and after you eat will help you make better food choices, eat the right amount, and dial in your nutrition to suit your body’s needs.



Emergency guardrail repairs result in daytime lane closures for Highway 17...

Maintenance crews will be performing emergency repairs to the guardrail in the median on Highway 17 near Scotts Valley on Monday, April 22. Travelers...