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June 30, 2022

Benefits of bodyweight training

By Ashley LaMorte

As we bring in a new year, many of us set new goals for ourselves. Such as eating cleaner, or starting a weekly fitness routine to get in better shape. In order to make your new year changes stick and become a habit, I advise you to go in with a patient and realistic mindset. But be honest with yourself about what you can consistently do, week after week. Set initial weekly goals that are small and achievable. That way you stay motivated and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

In the beginning, ease up on workout intensity to avoid injury. Expecting to bounce right back after a long break just isn’t fair to your body, be patient with your body. There’s no need to feel guilty about taking some time off. Look at your holiday break as an opportunity for your body to rest and spend time with your loved ones. 

Since gyms are closed during shut down, that doesn’t mean you can’t train. You can train simply using your own bodyweight. I’m a huge advocate of using your own bodyweight and it’s the way I train many of my clients during their training sessions. 

Many people don’t realize the benefits of bodyweight training because, in every magazine you see, there are folks in the gym hitting weights, (which is only one of many ways to train). But, with all training, there is a regression and progression to every exercise. For example, a regression for hanging leg lifts is performing a plank. The progression would be performing the movement with a medicine ball between your feet. Here are a few functional and simple bodyweight movements to get you started, providing you a total body workout:


Push-ups work multiple muscle groups. Along with the muscles in your arms, chest, and shoulders, you use abdominal and upper back muscles when you do a set of push-ups.


This basic movement has huge benefits. Squats help in building strength in the legs and lower part of the back and body. In addition to the lower body, the squat also targets your core muscles.

Static lunge

The static lunge works your gluteal muscles or your buttocks muscles, The longer your lunge, the more your buttocks muscles are worked. If you use a shorter lunge, the quadriceps or front of your thighs are worked.


Sometimes called the walkout movement. The inchworm is primarily a core exercise, but you’ll also feel it in your shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings.

Mountain climber

The Mountain Climber is a bodyweight exercise that serve as a great full-body workout. This plyometric plank movement increases core strength, defines the shoulders, chest and upper back, works the quads and glutes, all while raising the heart rate. 

Ashley LaMorte is a nationally certified fitness instructor and has been in the fitness industry for seven years. Over the past seven years Ashley has gotten the opportunity to instruct group X boot camps at gyms and train private clients from all walks of life, all over the bay area. She now has her own mobile fitness business LaMorte Lift. You can learn more about Ashley at LaMorteLift.com.


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