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Scotts Valley
June 23, 2024

City distributing nearly $350K to businesses, childcare

city council scotts valley
When asked about how dire the situation is for local businesses despite the recent relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the state, Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Danny Reber did not hold back. About a handful of businesses have already shuttered, and...

Salesforce Cancels Contract with Retreat Center

Salesforce 1440 Multiversity
As Silicon Valley’s post-pandemic pullback continues, the 100 promised jobs at Scotts Valley’s 1440 Multiversity are the latest to have hit the chopping block, as Salesforce axed its contract with the retreat center. Employees have been scrambling to find new employment and nonprofit service providers...

Empowering Healing Hands

empowering hands
Massage therapy dates back as far as 3000 BCE in India, where this ancient sacred healing system migrated to China, Southeast Asia and Egypt. Then, Japan did its twist, known as Shiatsu; the Greeks and Romans added herbs and oils. Hippocrates, the Father of...

Ribbon-cutting marks milestone in Scotts Valley’s post-pandemic recovery

Scotts valley chamber
The evening sun shone golden on a jovial outdoor gathering at Kings Village Shopping Center on June 24, as the Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce declared the city open for business. The symbolic gesture, representing progress made by the U.S. government in rolling vaccines out...

Tell Us Who Is The Best of The Best

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Since launching Faves & Raves in 2007, the Press Banner has sought to highlight the best establishments in Scotts Valley and the San Lorenzo Valley. This year, we make the pivot to the Best of Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo Valley, determined by the...

Council Defers Half a Million in Fees for New Hotel, Approves Budget

Scotts Valley hotel
Santa Cruz County accommodation providers are anticipating a banner year. Yet with building costs soaring, in order to get shovels in the ground, the owner of a previously-approved Marriott project in Scotts Valley looked to the city council for a break on the fee...

Scotts Valley Welcomes New Businesses at The Hangar

If you’re looking for a new way to pass the time that focuses on food, beer and community, followed by a gritty workout, check out the newly-opened Faultline Brewing Company at The Hangar in Scotts Valley.  The grand opening of Faultline and next-door neighbor MADabolic...

Consultant: Town Center will need more homes to succeed

Scotts Valley bob gibbs
SCOTTS VALLEY—Scotts Valley elected officials listened with rapt attention as influential urban planner Bob Gibbs gave them “a really short version of my Harvard class,” during a study session before the June 2 City Council meeting. As he pulled the cover back on what...

Humble Sea Tavern Opens in Felton

humble sea tavern
If there was any question as to whether residents of the San Lorenzo Valley were ready to relax a bit after two years of a deadly pandemic, one need only look to the crowd outside of Felton’s newest eatery, Humble Sea Tavern. Since opening its...

Disposable cups fees won’t start until 2022

Santa Cruz County
The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors on May 11 voted unanimously to delay a 25-cent fee for disposable cups at businesses in the unincorporated parts of the county until January 2022. County officials crafted the ordinance to reduce the amount of disposable cups that...


News Briefs

News Briefs | Published June 21, 2024

Scotts Valley 4th of July Parade route extended this year Scotts Valley Police Department has announced the annual Scotts Valley 4th of July Parade and...