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June 23, 2024

Boulder Creek Business Association to host inaugural Community Planning Event

Boulder Creek
When it comes to piecing together events to enrich the community of Boulder Creek, few folks do it better than Karen Edwards. As the president of the Boulder Creek Business Association Board of Directors, Edwards has the drive, resilience and connections needed to gather...

Strictly Business | AI in Small Town America: Part III

In this final series, I speak with Jason Borgen, the Chief Technology Innovation Officer at the Santa Cruz Office of Education (SCCOE), and with two local businesses, BraLisa and The Gather Community.  In this concluding segment of our three-part series on AI in Small Town...

Strictly Business | Igniting Connections: The Resurgence of Networking in the SLV Business Community

Business Wildfire book
A quiet revolution is underway in Santa Cruz Mountains’ lush valleys amidst the towering redwoods and winding creeks. It’s a tale of resilience, community and the enduring power of connections—the resurgence of networking in the San Lorenzo Valley (SLV). As we gathered together after the...

Strictly Business | Transformative Insights: Stephen Will Weir

Stephen Will Weir
The TEDx Santa Cruz event on April 13 showcased remarkable stories under the theme, “Rising Together.” Among the speakers, Stephen Will Weir stood out with his profound insights into the detrimental effects of fast fashion on our planet. His speech enlightened and inspired action,...

Strictly Business | Imagine

Last month, I wrote about the fast fashion industry. Unfortunately, typos happen, but one typo can change the context of an entire story and its meaning. So, let’s correct this right now.  Fast Fashion is about “inexpensive” clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers, not “expensive.”...


News Briefs

News Briefs | Published June 21, 2024

Scotts Valley 4th of July Parade route extended this year Scotts Valley Police Department has announced the annual Scotts Valley 4th of July Parade and...